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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Project Backup-Question

hi @ all,

when I save a project and open it again, there is a problem:
1. the camera grid is in a wrong position, not in the default position.
2. the blinkM window is reseted
and I think a lot of more current settings are not saving.
its a lot work to change all settings after I open my project



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Thw camera grid issue has an existing bug report and is on DJs todo list to fix.

BlinkM I think is a newly reported isssue though.

I believe by resetting the OP is talking about smart arrange. The fact that the controls move into sorted position when opened.

Disable smart arrange when opening a project. This isn't a bug, it's a feature.

Every single setting is saved - and it's impossible for a setting to not be saved. This is due to a programming feature called reflection that I use. Reflection converts the configuration override of every control to a serialized xml object. It's impossible for a parameter and attribute to not be serialized.
I disable smart arrange and the grid, soundboard volume, blikM are in a reset position after loading.. thats what Im talking about: https://youtu.be/dWZ47zOHnGM
Yes, we are aware of the Grid as mentioned. It is on the list of items.

My response was regarding the "resetting positioning of blinkm control". Please re-read my response to understand the blinkm resetting placement issue that you have experienced. Disable Smart Arrange for blinkm to not be re-arranged.
You must resave when you turn smart arrange off, and arrange you windows again. Is the blink m control resetting completely or just moving?
thanks for the reply DJ.

@ Technopro
after I resave and open it again all blinkM-Options in the blinkM Window are reseted to 0