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Printable Robot Hands

Ran across this. Some of you may have already seen this. Robot hands made with 3D printer.

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I love that robot, it's the reason I can't buy a 3D printer (I'd end up printing a load of them and spending far too much on PLA).

That said, it has been some of the inspiration behind Melvin's next set of arms I'm going to be attempting.
That is a beautiful hand. But, I think behind that unit, it requires a tremendous amount of string pulling and lots of servos. It would work well with linear servos,but it would probably be bulky.
Nice robot hand, have the schematics for this?
It's an Inmoov hand just go to the Inmoov.fr website and download the .STL files, it's all free.   and @Rich you should try PET-G filament it is stronger then ABS, and if you leave your robot in the sun, it won't melt like PLA would distort if warm. @MovieMaker Just 5 micro servos and 1 more for the Wrist.  my hand design only uses one set of string tendons not two. If I ever get time I will make a video showing this feature.
What kind of chord are you using in the fingers? I see two in each
@EZang60  The chord is 100 lb to 200 lb test fishing line.  The reason the line is so heavy is if you make it thin it will cut into plastic. I use 100 lb Test fishing line and can use this thinner line as all my parts are made with PET-G filament which is strong and more abrasive resistant then ABS. I will make a video showing how to only use one line when I can find the time.  there is a picture showing the arm in Synthiam so I will not repeat it here.
OK thanks, I just made a proto-type simple hand the day other day just to practice, did you see it? It is on the robot selection link.

Thanks again for your help and info