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Powering Up The Ezb-(4)

Using a 7.4 vdc LI-ion custom built power pack with a 2.5mm power plug was able to power up the EZB-(4) for the first time. Nothing is hooked up to the controller yet. This was just a trial run.


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Doc... Thanks... That was awesome... you lucky dog you...:)
United Kingdom

As someone else stated in another post (Dave I think), it certainly looks taller than I imagined.
Does it say that message everytime the unit is powered up? Chris
United Kingdom
I believe you can change it (this is based on old videos from DJ)
Yes, each time power is applied, the boot-up is the same.

EDIT: Once an actual connection is established with the EZB4 then there are no more verbal messages heard unless the EZB4 is reset.
No, the message is only spoken on boot-up until a connection from ARC is established. It won't happen again until it is reset with the hardware reset button