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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Powering H-Bridge And 12V Dc Motors And Feedback Pots

My next project is a BB-9. If anyone knows of it, I'm using the Joe Drive and 12v DC Planetary Motors with BTS7960 43A High Power Motor Driver H-Bridges. I'm using a 12V 20000mah battery for power.

If I power the EZ-b with 12v, can I run the power from the digital port straight to the H-bridge, or should I power it from the power source?



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If you are using a power base, there is a 20 amp fuse

Fuse Replacement Lesson:

If both motors pull more than 20 amp, you will end-up replacing the fuse.

There are other issues like wire gauges, you need to have proper wires to handle the motor amps.

My recommendation is to have separate circuits EZ-B and motor h-bridges.

you need to pickup the right wire gauge, and a fuse block something like this:

The supply voltage for your motors pulling up to 43 amps should be supplied from a power source capable of supplying the peak 43 amps needed. Do not channel this amp rating through the EZB. 20 amps total for all devices is recommended. There's a protective fuse that will blow it you exceed this rating. However it looks like the logic part of this h-bride is 3.3-5V. This voltage might be able to be supplied by the EZB directly or channeled through it. ;)
Actually a small correction here. The ezb4 can supply 5 amps continuous through the digital power pins with the occasional current spike of 20 amps... Either way, power your H-bridge directly from a battery or power source...
EZB4 specifications PDF
Happy New Year!

Ok thanks! I'll power them through a fuse panel.

Once I get it wired, I know I will have script questions.


Actually a small correction here. The ezb4 can supply 5 amps continuous through the digital power pins with the occasional current spike of 20 amps

Thanks, and i believe can be very relevant.

I missed that point, I wrongly assumed the VIN is connected to the Digital Ports Red Pin.

back to the lesson:


The "maximum" continuous current draw through the EZ-B v4, is 5 amps. (limited by reverse polarity protection).


one Schottky's diode (A7 T35) between the power in and the Vin. The 5 Amps must be diode max forward current.

one Schottky's diode (A7 T63). I'm guessing ... the diode reference is different the limit must be different too.

Once again thanks for pointing out!