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Power Diagram For Omnibot

Thread for BC

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The charger I use is a Delta 3 type readily available in RC model shops.

As Wall-E would say tada simple enough User-inserted image

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Is that aluminum angle you used for the cross piece/mounting?

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Its a piece of plastic angle but aluminium would do as well. I cut the plastic trying to mod the servo mounting so to repair it I glued on a strip of ally and glued in the threaded spacers so I can mount the head servo easily.
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Nice. Is the jack in the back of the omnibot the original? Did you need to modify the plug on the charger to use this jack? How long do you get on the 7.2v battery pack? I know, questions, questions, questions. Thanks!

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Yes its the original jack. There are 2 I used the cleanest looking one and tested it on the charger before screwing it in place it worked a treat. With a 5amp pack (thats the bit that matters not the voltage although 7.2 is optimal) you will get several hours depending on his worload like carrying drinks from the kitchen and stuff )) maybe even all day


Oh you did a great job!!! That's really professional. Again, you all do a much better job then me! I love it:D


Winstn60, I wired the led the way you told me to and it work great! Thanks for the power diagram that you provided for me. Now it all makes sense. :)