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Power Supply For The Ezb4


i am searching for a power supply for the EZB4 Controller.

My needs:

I am in October on a Maker Faire in Berlin and i want to present my Inmoov there. For this i am dont want to use batterys for the Controller, because i need power for more then 8 hours - 2 days!

This are the Servos i want to plug:

For the big Servos i will use this:[controller]=Product&cHash=c194bd4403d80fba85227db741588134

For the small servo i will use this:

The really mini are this:

To maybe better understand, i will count what i will use:

4 x EZB4 Controller (1x left arm - 6 small Servos + 4 big Servos plugged) (1 x right arm - 6 small Servos + 4 big Servos plugged) (1x Head - 3 mini Servos + 1 small Servos + 2 big Servos) (1x Torso - until today 2 big Servos)

So the main question is:

Can i plug a 7,4 Power Supply with 20A to the EZB4 Controller and connect, for example, the 10 Servos for the left arm to it?

like this:

For the right arm i will use a second power supply and for the Head and Torso a third supply.

So for the max. power use in one arm, each servo have 1800mAh power (because of 10 Servos) ... The EZB4 Controller with Webcam also needs maybe 2000 mAh.

Later for home use i will buy 2S Lipo Batteries like this wiht 13000mAh

Also one for the left arm, one for the right arm and one for Head and Torso.

I am on the right way with my power plans?

Or what you say to this.



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Wow, that's a lot of Controllers! I have 2 EZBs controlling my InMoov. One for all of the main servos and one for the jaw servo, some sensors, the Neo pixel ring and the drive. Having all of the main servos on one controller makes for easy Auto Position programming. Anyway, I have a 6 volt 48 ah SLA battery for the EZBs and a 12 volt 24 ah SLA battery for the drive system and sound system. The batteries give good service time between charges depending on usage. If I'm not moving the robot around, I leave the battery charger connected and it will run indefinitely .