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Power Regulator Fell Off

Oh No!!! One of the power reglators but snapped off my EZ board - the little pin in the heat shield wasn't soldered into the board and the pins snapped off through movementstress

It's the one numbered 29300. Does anyone know what the correct name of this is - I'm going to have to get anoter one stat.

If anyone can recommend where I could buy one of these that would be great.

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It's a 5V Regulator

Model: MIC29300 Output: +5V, 3A Style: TO-220-3

You can get from

If you can't, let me know and i can have one sent to you in a few days in an envelope mail


Thanks mate. I'll check out local equivalent here in Australia and let you know how I go.


radioshack has the 5v reg too , I think its about $3.50 , I dont know if you have radioshack out there though


Ok so I just went down to my local J-car (virtually the only place in Aust where you can buy this type of thing) and they didn't have the exact one. I brought a 5V 3A (style TO-220) regulator and tried it but no love.

I think I have to take you up on that offer DJ if that is ok?

I'll send an email though the contact section.



If the pins on the Board were faulty - why not send it back ?


I don't mind trying to fix it - need the right part though!
Hopefully I hear back soon - dying to run some scripts I've put together. Also just put a servo in one of the wrists of my robot and need to test.