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They will only rotate 165 degrees according to the datasheet.


Thanks for the quick reply


You can modify them to be continuous though , it is fairly simple.


Unscrew the case , find the big pin on the main gear. Use a dremel to cut it off smooth to the gear. Put the top of the servo back together. Then the next step involves soldering a resistor in the bottom...


Ok, I have the pin removed. Where/how do I solder the resistor?


Here is one way which turns a servo into a gear motor but then must be powered by an h bridge....

This is the most common version of a servo mod and it utilizes the original controller to power the servo without an external h bridge like the first mod i showed you.

Lastly there is a version where the potentiometer in the servo shaft is cut , then you position the pot into the dead center known as dead band and glue it in place.


Also, you can be modified continues servos directly from I highly recommend them as one of the best places to get a nice mix of servos ar decent prices and always in stock.