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Possible Use Of Ez-Robot Software And Ezb-4V2 On Personal Passenger Drone

This is a reformated question.
I have seen the use of the ezb-v3 control a small drone before, but with how advanced ez-robot software and flexibility the ezb-4v2 is, would it be possible with ez-robot software and the ezb-4v2 to be used as the central control system for a large passenger drone to control large hobbiest motor for both stability and for gps controlled flight capabilities, like for example the Ehang 184 or even a personal diy passenger drone of your own creation. I believe the awnser to be a simple yes, but has any one thought of or tryed this before with any success?

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#7   — Edited
OMG Richard R, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and I think I peed a little. That was classic Richard R. Miss you man. 


You are probably a kid based on the question and one long run on sentence, but I'll bite... Even if an ezb4 could do it ".................................' How about you start with a little one that can fly maybe a Gerbil or Hampster first... (-;
Just like the old days. I love it when you pop in with your bits of wisdom. You have a way of speaking the truth and making things understandable at the same time.

J.I.R Kintobor, nice dream and imagination. I'm sure it can be done easily. However lot's of people would be concerned about large tractor size things losing control and falling out of the sky.
Thanks dave and yea i planned on flying the drone rather low with vent cover blade motors to avoid any accidents and implemet ez-robot software/hardware as well as secondary controller incase of any software malfunctions and toggle switchs systems as last resorts and also add some electric hub wheels to it as well to drive in on the streets as a low speed hybrid drone car. Ive created a simple concept design as of this moment using a premade fuselage and aluminum chassis with 8-12 motors, this photo is before i thought of the vented covers for the blades but you'll get the idea,
User-inserted image
Looks like a sweet design. Maybe Amazon would be interested in backing you. This would be ideal for a delivery drone.
#10   — Edited
Lol at least it would have some one in it to fly it instead of a bunch of little ones getting lost in the middle of no where
If you really are planning on designing this thing, please contact the FAA first to get an Experimenters License and to get your FAA cert first. As it is now, the drone world has caused enough issues for us Model Airplane guys (yes, I had to obtain an FAA cert just to fly a Model Airplane as my local club). And its only gonna get worse for the model airplane and drone world  very shortly. Good luck with it if you are to persue your design though.
Thanks robohappy, i had no idea i would have to get an experimental license before i could build it or even a cert before i could fly it. Always thought that u.l.a's could fly without license as long as it was under 253lbs, flys under 63 mph and stayd under certain altitude. Damn think i might just stick to robots lmfao.