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Possible To Add A Command?

Good Evening!

I see the saywait command. I like it! I see the Sayezb command. @DJ could you create a sayezbwait command?

Thanks, Wayne


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For a work around, use this command in a separate script to cue the saying script:

ControlCommand("Saying", ScriptStartWait)

It will then cue this script:

sayezb("hello there")

#time the phrase takes to finish.

Here's an example that uses this. sayezbwait.EZB


@technopro: Thank You for the repsonse! I will use that in the meantime. I guess I should of made this thread needed help or some other thread type. I was really hoping the programmers at Ez-robot would see this and add this command. I really don't know how hard it would be, but it would be nice!

Thanks again!

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I'm sure DJ will pick this up and, if it's possible, will add it to the to-do list.


Ironically, this item has been on my to-do list for a while:) I do not have an eta, as there are many other items ahead of it... but i'm certain it'll be done for ya:)