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Possible Ez-B Knock-Off And Cheap Wall-E's

I'll just leave these links here, I came across them in my travels. I apologize if community members are already aware of them, just figured I'd post them if anyone hadn't seen them already. (Sorry I haven't been on the forums in a while).

Found a board with a few too many similarities to the EZ-B and was located new to the Wall-E's on the site:


Cheap Wall-E-like Chassis':



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lol, cute that they copied the color:)
As for me and FRED, we love the idea of the EZ windows based EASY already built scripts and just load the FUN stuff to get your robot doing fun entertaining things. and yes I like to dabble with programming and that too is provided with EZ-SDK:)
They wrong for that. lol.
Wow. I wonder if they lurked in our forums. Go figure.
United Kingdom
They don't ship the items, I ordered some parts from there a few weeks back, the order was cancelled by them and the paypal payment not accepted.
They are so cute. Nowadays, a lot of fake products that seem original. We all knew counterfeit merchandise is generally of inferior quality, and may or may not cot less than the better-made legitimate items so better beware of counterfeit merchandise. It is a criminal market that takes billions a year from legitimate, authorized vendors and there have been hundreds of busts already for crooks trying to import or sell the knock-off products.

More here Beware of counterfeit merchandise.