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just wanted to share this with everyone. I just stumbled upon this product when i was trying to figure out how i was going to make my vacuum for my project. I'm not sure how long this has been out on the market but it looks awsome for prototyping it's called "Polycaprolactone" or shapelock, or friendly plastic, or polymorph etc.......check out the videos

you can buy it here:from EZ-Robot Store


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you can get it from our store - I used it in the Omnibot 2000 video...

watch at 3:20.....


Very cool stuff, did you just add it to the store? I didn't see it there before


I think we did a few days ago? Not sure when it went up. Stuff is slowly being added


Its a 2lb bag 0r 1kg for $40.00 in the shop. Not a bad price :)


found a little bit cheaper else ware but seems like a great material.


They make temporary oral prosthetics out of that stuff. I had one. It's super durable as long as it stays cool.

United Kingdom

Just wanted to share... I bought some of this today. Me and the missus had a play around, and it's really easy to work with. Hot water, cold water and (optionally) a heat gun (I use the heat gun attachment on my gas soldering iron) is all you need. A little bit of practice and I can see great uses for this!

Or, failing that, it's just really, really good fun :D


I just received some in the mail to. Its pretty useful, i'm going to build my entire robot out of it.


if I get some ill probably use it to make mounts for some stuff on my wall-e and rc truck


I just discovered that Radio Shack has U MOLD PLASTIC. It appears to be polymorph.


Hey @Antron007 thanks for letting us know, makes me wish we still had Radio Shacks up here in Canada. Polymorph/Shapelock/Caprolactone is definitely some useful stuff.