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Poetry Corner

Welcome to poetry corner.

I wanted to start this to have a light hearted thread on the forum, and have a bit of fun. The idea is that any of you guys who have robots that can talk, you can teach your robot a poem, rhyme or limerick (a clean one of course) that can be about anything you like, and post a video for all to see and enjoy.

This is not a competition for finding the best one, and you don't have to be a professional writer or anything. This is just a chance to unleash your creative side, and a chance for others to see and hear your robot do something a little different. The poem/video can be as long or as short as you like, so get creating.

To start off, K-9 is getting the ball rolling, so check out the video and let us know what you think. And if you are EZ Robot staff or a community member, and you listen carefully, you might just hear a rhyme about you :). Unfortunately I couldn't include everyone. That would be a loooong video.

So I hope you take part, and if don't, then I hope you enjoy the video.

Steve G.:D


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United Kingdom

Great job on the poem and on the build, K9 looks really good!
Very nice. And thanks for including me.

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I already entered K-9 singing a carol in the Xmas comp. Besides, 60 second time limit, but it's nice of you to say :). I know I came up with the rhymes and you shouldn't praise your own work, but I think the line about you with the beer and Roomba is the funniest. It's just the way K-9 says it. Cracks me up just thinking about it.

Anyway C'mon Richard, carry the ball and post something yourself. With your sense of humour, whatever you come up with is bound to be funny.:D


I'm pleased you liked to poem and thanks for your kind words about K-9. All the help you have offered me up until now really is appreciated. Thank you.:)
United Kingdom

Your welcome my friend. I couldn't miss you out ;). Glad you enjoyed it. I echo what I said to Rich. Im very thankful for all your assistance you offered me. So how about it. Fancy posting something?
I'll try and come up with something. I am not much of a poet, but maybe Roli will have some ideas;)

@Steve.... I have nothing funny on the burner right now... However, I am putting the finishing touches on my "mobile" inMoov..., so I might post something on it soon...:)
Steve G,
K-9 is so funny and a really great poet.
After later playing the video sound through my robots bluetooth speaker, I laughed over and over.
Such a cool accent that K-9 uses! Great job and I enjoyed it.
I am starting on a new project, my first robot w EZB4, but I am slow fabricating!
Thanks again,
Steve S
United Kingdom
@Alan and Richard.

That would be great if you do. I'll look forward to see what you come up with.:)

@Steve S

I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the compliments. Yeah K-9 accent ain't that bad is it. Some of the things he says does make me laugh :D. And that's a pretty neat idea playing the sound through your own robot. Good thinking . I also look forward to seeing your new EZ-B4 project. Can't wait.:)
Don't have a video of anything yet but here is a sneak peak at Questor 2.0 and something I wrote a long time ago...

User-inserted image

We cast our eyes upon the ocean of space and
Lift our souls to kiss the lights of Heaven.

Searching within ourselves for the courage to dream,
We reach out from our fragile sanctuary to
Explore this realm of unknown wonders.

As we build new homes among the stars,
We sing for the spirit, the songs of the Earth,
And prepare for a new destiny.

By Rex Gordon

Lots of work and painting to do.... it never ends does it? Robot fever... LOL!
United Kingdom

Excellent stuff. Thanks for taking part Rex. I've been following your Magnus and Questor projects with interest. Anyway, your poem is brilliant. That is worthy of a Star Trek intro :). Keep up the good work with your builds.
@Steve G, Thanks for the nice comment. I am a great fan of your K9 robot. He has a really cool personality. Your work is outstanding. I definitely plan to build a K9 so I will eventually be asking lots of questions.
Great video Steve G , Your robot just received 10 more cool points for that video! I can't wait to see it moving around.
United Kingdom
Here's a little limerick I came up with that might make you giggle.


K-9 saw an upset Darlek named Paul.

And asked, "Can I help you at all?"

Paul said "I got in a muddle,

and I went through a puddle,

And now I'm only 1 foot tall."

User-inserted image
United Kingdom

I hope you do build a K-9, and if and when you need any help or advice, I would be more than willing to help you where I can my friend.;)


I'm really glad you enjoyed the video, and K-9 says thanks for the cool points. He was pleased about that *cool*. I don't know if you have seen it, but I did put up a video of him moving around for his first trial run on my showcase, at the end of post #26.
Steve this is so awesome! Again- so impressive! :D
United Kingdom

I thought you might like the video. I'm really pleased you liked it, and thanks for your kind words.:D
Steve, What a gas! I'm jealous of both your poetry skills and the way K9 can recite your work. I cant do either at all.

I love the work you've done with Pandorbots. I truly wish I had that flexibility with my B9 but for the want to have him sound like the original robot I'm stuck with voice files.

Thanks for the mention in the poem. I'm honored. What the heck though? Rich got two stanzas and I only got one? *confused*:P

Seriously though, very nice work. Thanks for the entertainment!
@Steve G,

Sorry to go off topic, but I know you are following this thread. If this was in your build video and I missed it, I also apologize. Can you provide info on how you did the synchronized lights in K9's mouth with the voice? You could actually answer in this thread where we are discussing how to do it. http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=5376&page=3


United Kingdom

Your welcome for the mention and really pleased you liked the video. I completely understand what your saying about choosing between having an authentic voice but limited to sound files, or going with a different voice and having dynamic speech. It was something that kept me awake at night, trying to decide what way I should go. it as he is "2.0" and wanted the latter, there was only one choice in the end.

Also thanks for you kind comments. Keep up the great work your doing.:)


No problem at all. I'll post some details on the other thread to keep the subject all in one place. Funnily enough, I was looking that thread yesterday looking for another way to do something similar using the EZ-B on my next build. ;)
United Kingdom
Here's another one for you guys.:)

A Dalek wouldn't eat his greens,

and refused by any means.

So to get the strength to dominate,

He said his phrase "exterminate"

and tried to cook some beans.

User-inserted image