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Plugin Manager Install Directory Assumes C:\Users

Any way to make the plugin manager ask where to install the plugins ? or can we run the manager manually.

Not all accounts are on the C:\ drive and would need to direct it to the proper directory.

While we are on the subject, could the manager and the ARC stay away from the public directory structures.

Thanks, Andre

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  1. Public directory structure is mandatory for network and multi-user installation

  2. The public folder is detected by your windows operating system. As a professional developer, hardcoding a file system path is an absolute no-no. The windows operating system returns your public documents folder. If you are stating that the account is not installed on the c:, then your windows operating system is returning the incorrect public folder location. To that point, i would recommend contacting Microsoft Support Forums to see if there is a solution for the rare issue that you're experiencing.


just try tic tac toe its awesome



can you put ControlCommand in for tictactoe pause game and start game also adio comes out speakers pc and not ezbv


There is a start game control command. What would the pause do? Simply don't click on it if you don't want it to play. Wouldn't that work?:)

To have the audio come out of the robot, simply edit the scripts to use SayEZB() instead of Say(). You can do that by pressing the GEAR icon on the control. The gear icon is used in ARC to access configuration menus of each control.


yes that i know.can i get the audio woehoe sound track