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Pixy Vision Sensor


I have found this on Kickstarter :
"Pixy is a fast vision sensor you can quickly "teach" to find objects, and it reports its findings through several simple interfaces."

It seems that it could be a interresting addition to EZB for object recognition. What do you think?

An interresting aspect of the project is the "color codes". As I understand it, maybe it could be done with ARC and the camera, with a small addition to color tracking.
I'd love to see this option, which would be a good complement to QRCode recognition...

(edited for a direct link, thanks @PJ_Dtechy)


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whooaaaaa I need this! thank you for sharing
I think support for this camera would be awesome for ARC :D
It doesn't do enough to compete with ARC + ez-robot camera. Thanks for sharing, but it's a pretty out dated technology. Using ARC and the EZ-Robot Camera includes everything from object tracking/training to colors and motion and glyphs and and and... Silly to use anything else - unless you want some slam with a kinect, then use roborealm or something.
I agree with @DJ. It seemed to have some added value two years ago, when I first post about the KS campaign. Now, it is pretty much useless if you already have the EZ-B+camera...