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Ping Radar Running A Script Instead Of Turning Robot?

Would it be resonable to have ARC Execute a Stop command to the movement panel and then run a script if something has tripped the distance trigger? A script could have the robot make a tone with speaker tone or trigger and MP3 with the MP3 Trigger and then it could be programmed to execute a turn or use the ping sensor and ping sensor servo to try and determine which way and how far to turn.


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You can create a script to do that using EZ-Script:)

There are dozens of examples that people have posted to perfom an action on ping sensor activity. Also, check the File->Examples within ARC to begin learning EZ-Script


@RobertL184 I don't think Speaker Tone works anymore... at least not for me:(... but I would like to experiment with a tone based radar signal... different tone for different distance. I suppose a MP3 setup with a sonar ping sound would work with the frequency of the ping increasing as distance closes... but I don't have a MP3 adapter yet to start programming with, Baaah!:) Either way, if you figure out something, post some examples when you can. Meanwhile I will try voice synthesis saying the estimated distance... if I can figure out the coding:P


I just did that where I have a Navigation script stop after the camera locks onto a target. When the robot is under 12 inches away it punches the target over and verifies it's on the ground.

ControlCommand("Navigate", ScriptStop)
$CenterDistance=GetPing(d1, d0)
if ($CenterDistance<14)