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Resolved Resolved by Steve1DH!

Pictures Are All Scrunched Up

I was using FireFox at work as my internet browser and viewing pictures in the forum was fine. However, now I am not allowed to use it anymore. Admin at work will only let us use Internet Explorer. Now when viewing pictures on the EZ Forum they are all scrunched up, tall, skinny, whatever you might call it.
Anyone else ever had this problem with Internet Explorer and know how to fix it?


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My computer at work running Vista with IE 8 does the same thing, but my Windows 8 laptop at home works fine. I always have to click on the picture at work and it opens the right width in a separate window.
United Kingdom
It's an easy fix, tell your tech guys at work to learn something about their job. Only IE? Sorry but that's a very bad choice of browser software, anyone who is in charge of any part of a network or computer should know that.

That said, IE11 on Windows 7 shows the forums as they should be. Which version of IE are you allowed to use? Can't you just ignore the admin guys and hide firefox on there? How will they know?
Some users in work environment aren't given sufficient rights to install any applications (some can't even open explorer and access their drives outside of approved applications).

Also, some IT shops audit what gets installed and breaking policy is a fire-able offence.

There are portable version of IE and Chrome that don't install, so if you have rights to your drive and rights to execute programs they might work for you. See portableapps.com/

I agree with you that Internet Explorer has no business ever touching the Internet, but in many cases it is required for internal web applications due to lazy developers who don't make their web apps browser independent.

I must use IE (no lower than 7, not higher than 8 until one app I use gets upgraded in a few months) due to applications I need to do my job, but I use Portable Chrome any time I go to the Internet. But I am in IT and have admin rights to my PC and can get away with it. Many of the users I support are stuck with IE9 as their only option (of course, many of those users also aren't allowed Internet access at all except for a few specific work related sites).

Internet explorer at school does this. I think it's a network thing.
It's a crap browser that constantly needs maintenance. In my call center once we got a new IT manager I convinced him to install chrome. We as employees were not able to correctly view our own website. Complete crap.
Yeah they recently upgraded all our computers to windows 7. Once, before the upgrade, they accidentally left mine with admin rights for a few hours. I loaded Firefox and have been using it since, till they did the upgrade. They got rid of all traces of it and told me I could get terminated for doing things like that. So after that incident died down. I was a rebel again....I started using Firefox Portable :D. Running it from my thumb drive. Well guess what? Now they just cracked down on thumb drive usage. No unauthorized thumb drives can be used. When you insert an unauthorized thumb drive it pops up a warning and does not let you access it and then if it is not removed within a certain amount of time the system will delete its contents. *stress*

I work for a power company and security is being tightened up due to recent world events with terrorism and stuff. Also some company information is considered sensitive. So I got to behave.

Something else I was using was Automouse Mover program. This moves the mouse cursor back and forth one pixel every so often to fool the computer into thinking someone is using it so it won't log you out. Ours log out every three minutes if you are not actively doing something. Very aggravating to have to keep logging on so much. They discovered the Automouse Mover today and removed that too. Said it was not an approved software even if it was freeware.

Sorry for venting but this stuff is sooooo annoying.

So.... my next project.......a mouse pad that vibrates every minute or two to cause the mouse cursor to move (kinda like those old vibrating football games). I will build a timer circuit and have it activate a small pager motor.:D