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Pc Wireless Adapter Questions, Keeps Disconnecting

I have a new ACER All In One PC running Win8.1... great PC, but a couple a times a day needs to reset it's wireless adapter... I get kicked off the internet/network and when I run diagnostics windows fixes it by resetting the wireless adapter... Can someone tell me what's going on here?... Do I have a crap wifi module? Just a moment ago I lost my network connection and in turn my connection to my EZB4 board running my robot... Arrggg! I guess I could plug it directly into the router via a network cable and bypass the wifi altogether...

Thanks Richard


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Have you checked with ACER to see if there's an updated WiFi adapter driver? I have had similar issues where a newer driver resolved the problem.

Also, I have an issue with my router at home where sometimes it does not renew IP addresses very well when the lease is up. It doesn't drop you off completely, it just won't let you do anything once the lease is up. I have to disconnect and reconnect WiFi on the device to get going again. Maybe you have something like that going on?


I have a new router (before the PC) and a static IP address for the PC.... I will check acer for an updated driver... Thanks Zap


I can remember having the same problem with my Acer when I bought it about a year ago. Not sure what i did that fixed it (or if I did anything at all, actually), but it's been running flawless for as long as I can remember. If something snaps to mind I'll be sure to let you know.


@Richard I had that problem with a couple laptops recently as well - both running windows 8. Even my newest Sony laptop was either kicking me off and required a reboot, or the speed got very very slow.

On both cases, I was able to solve the problem by reinstalling windows from scratch.

It's funny because one time I called and filed a complaint with Linksys for the new router we bought because I couldn't get a webpage to load - after some investigation it turned out to be my laptop haha. a reinstall fixed it!


also check your power settings and make sure its not putting your adapter in a low power state. I have had a few pc's that do this. If you don't see a setting in your power management then boot into bios and you should see the setting there , that is if there is one.


Thanks guys.... Look into these options. Funny, I don't have the same issues with my 6 year old Win 7 computer.....


My win8.1 acer tablet stays connected just fine. Try to update your wi-fi drivers. Also, Post on the MicroSoft Windows forums.