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Parrot Drone 2.0 Image

@DJ Sures

I am so glad to see the EZ-SDK update.

Last time, you told me you would complete the image problem for Parrot Drone 2.0. Can the EZ-SDK work for that?

Thank you so much


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As far as im concerned the ar drone 2.0 has never had support from ez-robot.
*stress* *stress*, someone told me that. But DJ said he would be working for that in the next weeks. Maybe you can ask him.
United Kingdom
DJ has previously mentioned that Parrot give little to no support for the 2.0 and their community forum is pretty much dead. Last I checked they hadn't released a Windows SDK for the 2.0 either.

He has mentioned that they are working on the 2.0, this was mentioned 9 days ago at the beginning of January and it was "within the next few weeks".

Edit: Stupid american dates... OK so it was mentioned at the beginning of the year, still hang in there, if it's being worked on it will come.
Thank you so much.

Are you sure that code for Adrone 2.0?
United Kingdom
While I haven't a drone to play with or try this with but the url indicates the link is from 2010 (10th December), the googlecode is 2 to 3 years old yet the AR Drone V2.0 was unveiled in 2012...
For those interested in the AR Drone and don't have one yet, Woot has factory reconditioned AR Drone 1.0's for $119 this week (90 day warranty). Not as cool as the 2.0, but fully supported by ARC.


I am very tempted, but think I will hold off for a while.

AR Drone 2.0 is good if you mount an ez-b V4 in it with camera.
The weight carrying capacity of the AR drone is pretty limited (Parrot says it is 0, but people have successfully carried GoPro cameras with some stability loss). I am sure it could carry the EZ-B and camera, but not sure about the battery too.

True, but maybe Ez-robot could make the first ar drone with extra propeller for weight lifting!