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Parallax Hb-25

I was wondering how to make the HB-25(H Bridge motor controller) from parallax to work with ez-robot could some one please help



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Hello dustin:)

You'll find the manual for the HB-25 here: http://www.parallax.com/Portals/0/Downloads/docs/prod/motors/HB-25MotorController-V1.2.pdf

The description within the manual explains how it works. Read the manual, and also follow the EZ-Robot Tutorial Section to understand more about Servos and Modified Servos, etc..


The HB-25 connects to the microcontroller much like a servo. You can use an extension cable or a custom cable to connect the HB-25 to your controller. Reversing the M1
and M2 connections to the motor effectively reverses the direction.

Simply connect the HB-25 to the EZ-B with a shared ground and servo/signal and you're off to the races:)

In ARC, use either the Modified servo Control (for one motor) or Modified Movement Panel (for two motors) - depends on your setup.