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Pandorabot New Url?

I was trying to add pandorabot control and it seems like it no longer works and the old URL is not working. Looks like they switched over to playground URL which you can log in and create chatbot. Maybe the ez robot control just needs to be updated to reflect playground.pandorabots.com URL? Anybody have any luck getting this to work lately?


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Thanks, but site still won't load? It has to be playround url.
Thanks for reply DJ. Maybe I'm missing something. I cant get to www.pandorabots.com at all, it wont load only https://playground.pandorabots.com/en/bot/ .The new ID now uses the form of username and bot name such as username/botID

From their FAQ

"What happened to the old site?

You can still access the old site and use the old services at www.pandorabots.com. However, we encourage you to shift over to the Playground or start using our Developer Portal and the Pandorabots API. We've added a ton of amazing new features and tools, including support for AIML 2.0, with even more exciting releases coming soon.

NOTE: Pandorabots is backwards compatible with AIML 1.0 (supported on the old platform), so you can easily upload your existing bots to the Playground."

I think it has fully switched to playground since old website won't load at all. I can log in to playground URL and create bot with the new username/bodID format but If i use that to edit the pandorabot control it won't work...see image. I would think the control needs to be directed to playground URL.

Can you load www.pandorabots.com at all...it hasn't worked for me for the past few days that I have tried to play with this control. *confused*
User-inserted image
Please use the manual page as previously referenced. The pandora bot control works as designed. The information you are requesting is in the link of my previous response.

Please read the link and follow the instructions in the link.
Well the upside is I can now surf the internet and control ez-robot at the same time, client mode configured and ez-b controller and ARC both connected to network without problem :). The downside is pandorabot still won't connect...I have gone through both tutorials but again I can only create new bot in playground url and that wont connect. I'll just consider this a half victory and move on to another control.
Very weird. Earlier, I even tried turning off firewall and connect, no luck. So I used my phone (AT&T) as a hotspot and boom...it connects. Maybe Comcast blacklisted the site? I don't know, but at least it works and I can play around with it a little for now. Thanks
Understood proteusy. That is why I was asking if anybody else was having problems accessing www.pandorabots.com. As it turns out the problem is unique to me as it is being caused by the Comcast router, if I connect the computer through my AT&T hotspot I access the website with no problem. Thanks for everybody's help since this is a Comcast issue consider this problem 100% solved:)

When I try to use ARC pandorabot control (i.e sending a request), I got a gateway error message:


Error accessing Pandorabots: System.Net.WebException: the remote server returned an error : (503) incorrect Gateway.
at System.Net.HttpRequest.GetResponse()
at EZ_Builder.Common.GetWebResponse(MethodEnum method, String url)
at EZ_Builder.UCForms.FormPandoraBots.eyI612D88X0(String, Single )

Remark: I have translated this error message in English as my Windows version is not in English.

When I try https://www.pandorabots.com/botmaster/en/home in a browser, I get the following error message:


502 Bad Gateway

My understanding is that pandorabot old url is no longer working.

Am I right? If yes, is it planned to update pandorabot control?

Thanks for your help.
EZ-Robot does not know the status of PandoraBot software or product direction. PandoraBot is a third party application. I recommend visiting Pandora Bot website and contacting them for support and/or company information.
@rreturea, I have just try the link, it is working:

User-inserted image

Either their website came back in the meantime, either it is on your side...
@fredebec. Thanks. It works also for me now. The url is back...