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Pandorabot Config Crash

Release 2013.03.11.00

PandoraBot UI.

After opening the new PandoraBot control, I selected the config button. I made no changes to the config and closed it using the "X". The following error message appeared:

User-inserted image

EZ-Builder forced a shutdown of the application.

I reopened, then added a PandoraBot control again, but I "Paused" the control. I opened up the config and closed again, this time no crash.

So, it appears that opening the config while the control is running causes an application crash.


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Interesting! I can't reproduce it on my computer. Lol Microsoft really needs to standardize their libraries better :)

Ill see what I can do


Ack...I left out that I'm running in Windows 8. Not sure if that matters or not. :D

You're the best, DJ!


Latest update fixed the problem...and there was much rejoicing. :D


DJ do you get it to speak the reply phrase? I can get it to reply correctly if i type it in the box and click send and then it does speak the phrase. But I thought it would speak the reply without having to click on send. I clicked on the ? mark but it does not elaborate much on details about this part.

What am I missing?

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Make sure the speak responses check box is ticked? User-inserted image

By default it is checked.

Then just speak to the robot (or in to the mic), it'll send the phrase to the bot, the bot will reply, it should be all automatic.

Typing in the box requires you to click send before it sends it just like on an IM program or in a chat room.


Yeah ...the box is checked but it does not speak it out loud and the response does not show up in the screen display. It did recognize the word I was speaking because it displayed it in the box.

On the other hand it does speak it out loud and shows up if i type it in the box and click send.

I made sure my ID number was correct and username is correct and Speak Responses is checked.

When I was using the send button, Pandora responded with the correct phrase when I asked "What is your name?" so I know it is using the bot that I published.

Something else that bugs me is that Windows 7 narrator does not speak loud enough. I have the volume setting turned all the way up in Windows. And the setting in EZ-Robot is at 100. But it definitely is not loud enough.


Does anyone have this working correctly yet?

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It works OK for me, or it did on a quick test I did with the confidence right down low.

Which leads me on to ask about the confidence level. It will say in the box the confidence level after you speak, make sure this is above the set confidence in the settings. Be aware that a low confidence will result in more odd responses though.

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Well I'm struggling with it never had a response

I get these errors and no response from the EZ-B example User-inserted image

I can go onto the Pandorabot site and have a published bot on there that I've been training and the responses work well

About to try another machine as I suspect my works VPN

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Well works great on another machine.

If you ask who is your master the response is 'I obey DJ Sures' )))

So VPN issue for me


On mine it recognizes what I say and it shows up in the window but the response does not show so nothing gets spoken.

When I type my question in the box and click on the send button it displays the correct response and also speaks it out loud.

Is there some other config screen in ARC I'm not seeing or maybe something I need to change in Windows? I am running Windows 7.

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That's a strange one.

There is only the one config in ARC where you set your bot, your confidence etc. Windows 7 settings shouldn't be the issue either if it's speaking when you type.

Have you tried a new project with nothing but the Pandora Bot control added?

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Hi Rich,

How do you setup your own Bot I notice your username is Rich and DJ's is DJ. So are we all sharing the same bot? as the Bot Id is ea15c82aee345ded

I created my own bot and published it picked up the id from the published html link then added it to the EZ-B control and my Pandorabot id which is my email address and I get bot id not found?

I clearly dont understand something

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Hooray got it working when I cut and paste the Bot id from Pandorabot it added a space which needed deleteing now My EZ-B has its own bot and unique responses

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The bot ID is the thing you need to change to use your bot. Username is not going to make a difference as far as I know...

My bot id is f5856abb0e345d1d with my new bot, feel free to change the id in ARC and ask it his name. It should reply with something different to the default...

Set up your bot, and publish it. Copy the ID from the end of the URL for your bot... i.e. my bot is at

So bot id is the f5856abb0e345d1d part.

I've only briefly played with the control in ARC though. I'm not sure what the username does, I've never used one with Pandora Bot...

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And you sorted it while I was typing and checking... always the way :).


Rich...I will try that and see if it works.