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Paint Scheme?

I'm looking into a paint scheme for my project Dewy. His picture is below.
User-inserted image

He isn't finished yet but I wanted to start to get an idea.
Here's his new head. it needs to be painted too. The display part(clear) will be tinted and will have leds behind it.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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Cupcake: Great drawing! How about the black line silver and the white stuff black?

Dave: I agree.

nomad: Don't worry. I wasn't sure what it meant for a while when I started.
Who noticed the funny head in the bottom of the last picture?
i tried one more time, did you mean something like this? i tried to make it look more like your original design

User-inserted image
Dave: Yep........................ *blush*

Cupcake: Yea actually! Hmmmm... I guess we have to have a vote on which one to do. They're both great!


User-inserted image


User-inserted image

Vote for which one!
South Africa
I vote for picture number 2
pic 1 techno all is fine

sorry didn see the pics had number
#1..... Less is more sometimes...

See we need polls...:)
You know, I pitched black and silver but I like #1
dark vs light 3 to 1
how long will the poll last
I think it's pretty well done! the odds are in favour of #1 and I too like 1 so I think we'll use it! Thanks a lot Cupcake!

Reason for #1: I found it follows the original paint scheme of the rad, which was nice.

User-inserted image

Cupcake, I may modify the design a bit if I find it difficult to do. Also, I thought about adding something to the base fenders.

User-inserted image

One last thing. Any ideas for what to put in the chest hole are welcome.
I know! the ez-robot symbol!

User-inserted image

Maybe mount it on clear plexi glass and have a light coming from inside the body shining out.
glad i could help you a bit:D

it's gunna be cool to see this finished, i like the body style