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i am looking for PHOENIX CODE plugin for spider and quad robot. it make`s the setup better easier. the software works with arduino and i like too use the ez brain is an plug in possible??

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You don’t need code for that robot. It’s a very simple robot and all it needs are AutoPosition animations. Those are easy to make.

I would recommend an ezrobot ezb v4. Also add a camera so that robot has something useful to do.

take a look at the Auto Position and that’s a good start


human robot ok but quad spider the balans on the 3 leg`s is not simple. the phoenix code  works so much better than program it bij hand. i like the ez brain but  i thinking i go bag too arduino.


To clarify, you do not program by hand. Please use the Auto Position control and the robot will be very easy to create movement animations. If you wish to use Arduino, you may do so with ARC as well as it's compatible. Click Auto Position and follow the tutorial because it'll be very easy for you:)


i understand Auto Position but the position of the  leg needs to be more exact to walk in a stread line. the PHOENIX CODE code  is not a simple code.


Use the Auto Position to simply move each leg into desired position for walking. It’s not code. There’s a number of 4 legged robots on this website that walk easily.

The arduino code for that robot makes it overly complicated and that has you believing it’s difficult. I assure you that if you tried the Auto Position with the dynamixel plugin, you would have great success like the tens of thousands of others using ARC.


calculation of the position that's what the phoenixs software das. in Auto Position you place the servo wear you want but with an spider its hard to get the position ok to walk good.

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If arduino code calculates the position, then that’s easy. Just use the calculation in ARC. What’s the gait calculation?

.... although I’m slightly regretting asking because I’ve never seen well written arduino code... I might have just set myself up for pain:P


Hi, have you seen my spider robot?

check robots links above, I just used, as Dj said, auto-positioning