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Our Ezrobot Christmas

It's too bad our cameras don't show outside of the office. We have a 28 foot tree and a fire place to enjoy the holiday:)

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Apparently it's a sideways tree!


Merry Christmas to everyone @ EZ-Robot. I know it's been a tough year & a good year, hope you have many more!

Live Long and Prosper!


How do you get it to hang off the side of the building like that? :P

Merry Christmas!


Hope it's cold enough to keep the tree needles crisp. Happy Holidays to the EZ Crew.


Looks like the tree star fell off. It early, but happy Holidays DJ and team! Who that in the window hanging someone upside down?


Hey @Dave... Holding that tree horizontal..? I think we have found those motors for B9 you've been looking for:P


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Merry Christmas to EZ-Robot Inc., And fellow community forum members,