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i met a new guy and he's very anthousiastic about the six and ez. he hates the war ,yes he's a russian guy. i thought it would be a good idea to ask all off you,what are your thoughs.


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I dont know if you want my opinion on war or ez-robot and six? They are quite different.

Dont like war. Really like ez-robot and six, neither of which are at war right now.:)


Being a war mongering American, I love war. I'd love to see an ultimate warrior challenge between Six and JD. It would be a fantastic way to work out aggression. mad


@Dave Schulpius, LOL.. Six would take out JD with one charge. Now Six vs Roli might be a fair fight. Both maneuverable and fast. i think Roli with the treads gives him the advantage though. He can roll right over Six, then reach down with his arms and remove Six's legs like my cat does to crickets.




no what i mean is.russia has invaded oekraine,this guy is a russian. would this be problem here on forum.


Did the guy command the invasion? No, it wouldn't be a problem at all. We are about robots and building them. I know that I don't care if your from South Africa, Belgium, Russia, Canada, USA or even Texas (oklahoma and texas compete but texas normally wins except for in american football, mainly because oklahoma recruits their talent to play for us...).


In short, we're here to make robots a future in our society - which is independent of race, culture, or religion.

Everyone is an individual and makes decisions independent to their own beliefs. No one in 2014 should discriminate an individual by their country of origin - instead we develop opinions about individuals by their actions. If your friend does not condone the war, or speak of the war on the forum, then we'll never have a problem:)


I have several customers that I ship Neato/Botvac sealed bearings to with Russian addresses. They like robotics not war.

United Kingdom

Provided he is polite, courteous and follows the forum rules it doesn't matter if he is from Mars:)


awesome to hear . thank you all


Rolli would beat both, he'd push them off the table.

Russians are fine people. The ones I have known are hard workers. I think their currently leadership is teetering Russia on military and economic humiliation.

It's nice that you were concerned to ask, but I just can't imagine anyone one the forum having a problem.


Hey, if EZ Robot lets me on here then the bar is set pretty low already...:D So I say welcome Comrade...

Kidding.... of course he's welcome...:)


well i told him that he's welcome and show him the response here. and he kick me off his list.he was offended by me asking this. was this not a good thing to do from me?


Are you sure he was offended? Maybe he didn't like that you immediately started thinking about war just because he's Russian. It's not like we'd mind. :) We have Russian members.

I hope it works out okay @nomad18.08!


Aww, dude I'm sorry that happened. Sometimes you never know how folks will feel or take something. I take it that you were concerned and wanted to make sure your friend would be welcomed and did not want him to encounter a negative reaction.

But perhaps, if I was your friend and you were asking is it ok if this American joins the group I might take it negatively and think "Well what, are American's that bad that you had to ask?".


i just met him on skype.he asked to help out whit one off his robot. he had a wrex the dawn robot from wowwee who didn drive. its not easy to find some in russia and i tell him lets try to repair it. he like dinosaures and six roboboa.and i offer him the boa whits i dont use. he like that. i was wondering iff there was any issue consider the politicks and war oekraine. maybe i chouldn ask it.i told him that and i wanted to prove him that he is welcome. i asked him about the war and he hates it.

chrissi i didn get the chance to explain anything,i was removed before i could blink. well maybe later.

thank you all


Heck, now I'm kinda worried. Maybe my Canadian neighbors don't want me on the forum because I'm from Wisconsin, USA (just across the USA/Canadian border) and like cheese. eek

I know that's ridiculous and absurd. I'm just trying to illustrate how little it matters to me that this guy is Russian . Like the artist "Sting" wrote; "the Russians love their children too".


Im not even from this planet but that don't seem to matter to any one here at all

But it may make a difference if people knew that I am also from a completely different dimension :)


my concern was not if he's a russian or an alien. my concern was the war.people change in wars.


Here is some perspective... I am Jewish American. When I took a trip to Israel in the late 90's, the absolute nicest person I met was the driver who took us to see Petra in Jordan. Over the course if the 6 hour round trip, we became fast friends and exchanged letters and holiday cards for several years. He was a Palestinian.

Most people are just people. There are zealots on all sides of any conflict, but the majority of us just want to live in peace. Sharing common interests and having the ability to communicate instantly and without government interference will (I hope) lead to a generation of leaders who avoid war and seek friendship with their neighbors.



This is a very weird topic ! What is the snag ? Someone's asking permission to access the forum for somebody else ? I have no idea where this is going to... but I'm getting suspicious...