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One More Question For D.J. Or Anyone Who Knows.

I have noticed that the robot can follow motion, color, and movement. I like the way the robot can automatically switch between them. In most videos I have seen, the robot will also KEEP His distance. For instance, if the Robot comes up to you, what happens when you want to walk EXactly where the robot is standing? Will the Robot back up? and then Come Forward when you back up. This is a nice feature to have. I would just like to know if it will do this now.

Thanks, Mel


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You gotta use your radar or sonar feature so when Somthing.gets too close it may back up. With only one camera there is no depth perception.


sonar is good ,but PIR is lot better because it detects a person PIR detects body heat,where sonar mostly detects certain materials,but always will it detect people each sensos has its good and bad about it somethings like cloth,sofa,foam SONAR wont detect,PIR good for heat sources,body heat,flame, so using SONAR it may or may-not detect a person all the time i ordered a optical bench to test all types of sensor,so when i get back i can some very good sensor testing on different types of material and different types of sensors, i mostly have all types made,IR,SONAR,PIR,RADAR,LIDAR,GAS,TOUCH,PRESSURE,FLEX AND MORE


Robotmaker, I look forward to your progress on these sensors!



That's what EZ-Script is for:) You can write a little script to do that:D


My Experience with PIR is that it is TOO good and it sees TOO much. Maybe there is a way to adjust it. It is nice to know if you have a Carbon Based Unit in the room with you. But, staying ON all the time is a bummer if you know what I mean.



PIR'S can be adjusted,digital ones has a set point and analog can be set by software or add a pot they are detecting motion and body heat source ,type like on my rover project they have different types,with different field of view,distance and analog and digital,then best one on the market is TPA81 1-8 PIR'S in one package in array it has I2C output PIR does not really detect objects they dont have a heat source,they have many uses besides robotics ,alarms,outside light turn off,light motion switch ,tv/stereo on/off switch and lot more digital type high/low not great for robots ,mostly cant be adusted for temperature of body heat and can false trigger, TPA81 is better it measures ambient temprature and compares to 8 PIR outputs and builds a thermal image of a person analog is 0-5 volts can you can set the setpoint digital is analog type pir but with a comparator for 0/5v output (low/high)


I will have a look at the Parallax PIR that I purchased. Mel


also can make a smaller field of view,witch is easy ,take black tape cut a small hole in center and place on the PIR lens,have to try different size holes

i have many tricks for changing the field of view of most sensors