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On The Move Again

Hello all im on the move again im moving back down south not taking much but i am keeping my bot In less than a week i will be back on vancouver island im kinda thinking about going to a little place called salt sping island that im thinking about moving to


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Best wishes Wolfie. Is this a business or pleasure move?


Its a move to stay alive Its a move to find my self Its a move to keep a robot off the streats lol


Salt Spring Island is my home! Let me know if you do decide to move here!:)


I would like to move to saltspring if i can find a place there


Hello all i have found a new home im living as far north west as i can get and still be in canada lol. Im in a small city not far from the alascan bourder in a place called Prince Rupert its small not much here at all but its nice. I think i will love it here. Scraps made it ok other than some slitely bent mettel parts and the cam fell off but i exspected that as it was only glued on lol. Im compleatly starting over. I have no computer and no tools at all. Hoping to get a computer some time in the new year then some tools after that. For now i need to get stuff for my home like pots pans dishes and other junk lol For now i have no income so i need to to get some help from others to help me get back on my feet. Hoping to be back working some time in the next month. Things are all good . It will be hard to restart again but i can do it:)