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On Board Mini Itx And Sound Questions With Speech Recognition

Using a mini itx on board a robot keeps popping up in posts here and each time I see one I start thinking. I would really love to go this route. I'd like to have a mini itx mounted in my B9. That would make him almost completely stand alone. I only have a couple issues with this that maybe someone could help me think through and make a suggestion.

B9 is a very noisy robot. Lots of clicking and clacking. I actually have a soundtrack looping with mechanical noises like you heard on the TV show when he was on camera. That along with motor noise keeps the speech recognition from working if the microphone is mounted on the robot. I really need to keep the mic away from the robot. Does anyone know of a wireless adaptor my USB mic could use to communicate with an on board mini itx? Any other ideas short of running a cable out of the robot to a mic. Bluetooth maybe? I've tried searching the internet and really didn't come up with much.

Thanks, Dave Schulpius

I was looking at your threads awhile and saw this one.i use copmuter boards and try to put small computer boards in all my robots
NOW ON ITX i like ZOTAC itx boards,and pico-itx PX10000G this one is a little slow 1ghz AND ONE AT 1.2 GHZ on the pico-itx ,ZOTAC is a lot faster,but can easy use 2 pico-itx together
lot a lot of professional designs use,one for main .another for hardware and sometrimes another for video processing ,since it takes the most resources and memory

There is another way to speed up a cpu board use a program called XPLITE its free,since some like to save money,it removes any programs and resources on windows XP thats not needed for robots

On speech or microphone one of the best is ANDREA SA-USB i think is the model
it has a scanning microphone and usb interface to get rid of noises
i have tried many and so far this one works perfect,also on the site many other professional microphones and interfaces to block noises,on mine i added a servo controlled voice tracking system (dam another idea for me to add to EZB) might try to convert the circuit design ,i know ezb has a A-D but i woulder has anyone tried a D-A hook up to it
my ideas are here to help anyone and doesnt matter if the guy doesnt like me or agree with me
Robotmaker, I like you just fine and you have a ton of good ideas. I just get tired of the tangents you always point out. Thanks for the above suggestion. This is heplfull and positive.

Irobot58, thanks also. I'll take a look.
Made by the same company andrea as the one i posted
i dont seem to care for bluetooth products too much.first short range second picks of RFI sometimes
depending on your location plus not on the robot is the biggest,i like everything on my robot the brain (cpu board) speech like a good noise cancelling microphone and all using direct connection and cpu has WIFI,YOU LIMIT ANY ERRORS

BUT i think is a good microphone,anotherr item i forgot,when using a headset cant hear the phone ring or any thing else.
even having problems with my EZB using bluetooth module.it may be too many computers on WIFI since i have a very powerfull antenna or my X10 that use in every outlet.lights alarm system spa and pool or something else ?
tried all 9 and same problem.does any else have a setup like mine and have any bluetooth problems
i will do a post on it for answers

i guess i am not the only one that has bad grammar or spelling ,
heplful what word it that
I guess its cool
on tangents as you say are just things i see on testing so many many platforms ,and software and try to compare them and faults they have and how to fix them
so you cant say my AI software i have is good or bad or better then EZB
I guess you really didnt see my AI software , DJ said nobody can post it or anything not related to EZB
thats not really very nice,other clubs love talking about other platforms, on this one doesnt like it

Evertime time DJ updates it gets better,still does have a very important item called encoders, magnetic or IR ,well need for navigation,BUT he did say he like the idea and looking to add it
DAVE you said i have hords of robots and EXB doesnt fill my needs that is very wrong
every robot i bought will only have a EZB boards.had to count how mant well over 50
so thats 50 EZB so how can you say i dont like the EZB is my most favorate platform ,way more then my other design,very main reason i joint this site for EZB :) :)
something about me I never get mad or say bad things or fights or anything else i am always a super super nice guy who donates my time for free for any one