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Omnibot'S Galore!

Holy addictive!

Just bought (2) Omnibots this week.

I let my 4 year old help shop on SparkFun for mods/upgrades for them. :)

It's going to be a robot fest here! :D

What all have others done to their Omnibots?



Upgrade to ARC Pro

Synthiam ARC Pro is a new tool that will help unleash your creativity with programming robots in just seconds!


I got me a new Buster, Robie SR and Omnibot 2000 for a good price, can't wait to mod them. What do you plan on doing?



I'll start off with the standard EZ-B package. Ordered up some blue LED's for the eyes. Further along i'll be adding some EL wire, Sharp IR sensors, on-board compass, some form of sound board. Omnibot #2 will be an exact clone but different colour scheme.

Open to ideas for other mods.


Sounds like a good start but why sharp ir and not ultra sonic?


Sharp or work fine indoors and back in the day.they were standard , they are still ideal for cliff detection , o have them on the bottom bot., I love these omnibots too , can't wait to work on my second one.


Ultra sonic is included in the EZ-B standard package. I have some awesome acrylic mounts coming in that were specifically cut for this ultra sonic.

IR's will be used as jstarne1 mentioned for floor edge/cliff detection.

Not sure what else to toss in to them?

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Cool project bret :). Could we add a sound sensor where the robot will follow or just response how ever you set it to the direction where the sound is coming from?


Bret I think your my long lost twin brother. :D

You basically did what I was going to do. I even have a SparkFun claw coming in, I hadn't even looked at your thread yet.

I think I'm going to do 1 black and 1 White Omnibot. Spy vs Spy style. lol