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Omnibot-Like Candy Dispensing Robot

Here's a robot I found while browsing the internet, it looks remarkably similar to an omnibot.

Though it's not ran by an EZ-B, it shouldn't be hard at all to replicate this :D


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Ha ! They made a gigantic omnibot


Does it have a name? I'd like to google some pics of it because I can't view you-tube through my work's internet. It's blocked.


It's called the yesyesbot , it's powered by Galileo which is a open source board Intel just brought out that you can load whatever compatible software you want. = harder than EZ Robot lol. On the video it says that the robot is foam board glued together with what appears to be a 1/4" wood frame. Three 12 volt batteries in the bottom. There weren't that many specifics listed. The V4 on my opinion far exceeds the capabilities of Galileo. This robot is basically remote control. It doesnt do anything automatically.


Thanks Josh. Wow that really looks like an Omni. You're right Niek!