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Omnibot + OQO + EZ-B

I wanted to share the start to my Omnibot build.
Turns out the OQO-02 covers the tape deck and clock hole nicely with just a bit of dremel plastic melting.


Now imagine it all painted gloss black and a small servo controlled door covering the keyboard keys? I want it to look like Omnibot's evil twin.

Some other ideas i have to put into this little guy are.

Have him and OQO run off a 12v SLA battery

Hack apart a small battery charger like my Triton 2 and be able to charge battery's. Id just say charge this battery and a little door opens for nicad's and the charger turns on or maybe a plug near his hand he can walk around holding a lipo while hes charging it?

Maybe embed a little cheap multimeter into his body where a small door opens and shows the screen?

I would welcome any ideas you guys can come up with..



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Dude, that's a really sick project!
Sitting at work I just connected with the robot from my Android phone opened up ARC no problem. The app is called pocket cloud. It just keeps getting cooler

Did you install the pocket cloud server on the oqo?

android phone using pocket cloud / connects to oqo running the "server for pocket cloud" / thats installed in the bot. correct?

so in theory if the bot also had a cam in the eye via wall-e you can see what the bot sees on your android phone?
That is an awesome project. I wish I could hack and build with the same skill and professionalism.
Yes hoolagen1 thats the way it works. Im not sure how the camera will show up yet but i will test it out soon

Thanks allot Creativita I don't have any skill and im not very smart i just want to try hard so it will be half as nice as all the other bots on this site.
Well i thought i would share my progress on Omnibot.
I have allot more work to do but have his battery's wired in and he can charge all my nicads and lipos himself now..... his head is chopped down and somewhat in the place it will most likely be. he has a plazmatronic brain lol... his 3watt amp and speakers are in place I may make them able to be internally plugged in then also external jacks so when i turn him into fancy docking station he will have better stereo sound?

I have allot of work left like building his arms and putting more of his guts together but work on him has slowed down due to more hours at my job but i just wanted to share more progress so you see im still working on him


Man, your bot is looking pretty epic! Nice little LCD character display addition, and plazmatronic brain! Definitely a sleek and sexy look, that's some pretty crazy hacking, Nioce work!
Geez it is hard to even see the oriignal omnibot in your hack. So many modifications and done well too. You've really updated that old toy into a wicked futuristic robot.

I did the track u were playing too:)
Well my first day off in a while i got rite to work finishing the arms and head on omnibot.

I think he is moving fairly nicely i will need to tweak a few of the linkages to make his arms move smoother. His arms will be a bit more tucked in to his body once i figure out how much more plastic i can remove.

still lots of work ahead.

I need to build him some hands and put his fake eyeball on, paint his head and put his H bridge in but he is turning out nice and i cant wait to tape him up for his final coat of paint....

hers his first moves....


It's pretty awesome how quickly you guys put me to shame with your builds! I love it!
I dont see how anyone is putting you to shame here DJ
Notice how my bot still does nothing.... I dont have a clue about the programing part of my bot.

I have a feeling that the cutting, hacking, soldering and building part is the easy part for me and the closer i get to finishing him the closer i am to finding out how hard the programing is going to be.

I see your videos and notice how much your robots do and how much personality they have.

Nope i dont see anyone putting your builds to shame here...
Haha, it was meant with the most awesome respect. Everyone on the forum makes some pretty amazing things. I may cut things up and make them move... But you guys do it in style!
Do you remember the scene in starwars where R2 projected a hologram of princess Leah bending over to put in him some secret files? Yea me neither lol I think it was in empire strikes back..


I found a new gizmo to hack apart and stuff into omnibot a pocket projector. Here is one like i bought
Look Here

I works on 5 volts. Has usb and an av jack(RCA) a sd card slot also a built in speaker. Its tiney... my droid phone (thunderbolt) is bigger than the projector.

I had it playing a movie i downloaded off my phone. I had it playing live video from another camera threw the av jack.. Its not good enough to replace anyones home theater but its good enough and cheap enough to remove the factory screws and stuff into my toy robot...

I dunno i thought i would throw it out here and let you guys know i bought the smallest cheapest projector i could find and for what it has to do it seems to do it well.


Please remember your mileage may vary YADA YADA YADA and It came from CHINA so it must be good
Dude see!!!! Brilliant!! I can't wait to see a video
I will get a video going as soon as i can. Im having a hard time figuring out how to go about it.
do live video projection of someone in another room for 2 way communication.
experiment with a fog machine to make your own hologram or ghost.

your welcome...
Pretty awesome. I wouldn't have thought of a projector. Pretty awesome idea for a robot.

Did you ever get that all worked out? Would love to see some video?

May steal that for my next project... :o)

I am totally in awe! He is amazing and I can't wait to see more.