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Omnibot Batteries

Looking for some suggestions on the best battery setup for this. I would like to keep him as stock and light as possible. So im thinking lipo batteries. Im just not sure how many i would need, what kind and the setup to run them. Im hoping to get about 7-8 hours of run time if possible.In terms of hardware I have , 2 12v leds lights, 8 servos and 2 12v dc motors.


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Get a big lipo... If you need 7-8 hours runtime you would need a heavy niMh pack or lead acid battery... Lipos will give you what you want... Long life and light weigh...

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Work it out:)

Find out the current draw of each item you plan to connect. Estimate the time each item will be drawing current. Figure out how many Ah on average it'll be using. Size battery accordingly.

Since it's 12v you would need a 3S lipo or bigger.

These are just random figures picked out of the air, you will need to find them out for your kit.

EZ-B V4 = 500mA 12V Motors = 1500mA x 2 Servos = 800mA x 8 12v LED = 50mA x 2 Motor Controller = 50mA Total = 10050mA +10% (1005mA) = 11005mA per hour

Run time of 8 hours means you would need 8 x 11005mA therefore 88440mAh or just over 88Ah

Based on 8000mAh 3s LiPo batteries you would need 88000/8000 = 11 batteries (connected in parallel).

The figures picked are probably very high, like I said they are random, find out your current draw and replace as necessary