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United Kingdom
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Omnibot 2K Wheels

Hey Guys,

I'm just starting off a new project after I got an Omnibot 2k off ebay. I'll be creating a project page for it soon, but I thought I'd share a little bit of it now.

When I dismantled the bot, and gave it a clean, I noticed that the wheels were pretty degraded. I know josh can create new ones, but being new to this, I really wanted to learn something new, so decided to make my own mould.

What I did then, was to carefully remove one of the existing tyres and then used a sealer to seal all the cracks.

User-inserted image

I then setup a box for it, and also attached a kind of funnel to help pore in the ruber (turns out it wasn't that great, but you've gotta try these things :))

User-inserted image

I then cast the hole thing in silicone

User-inserted image

Finally, I then cast the tire and tada:)

User-inserted image

I think it worked pretty well. The only bad bit is that I don't think I mixed the rubber to cast the tire very well as it's a little sticky. But hey, not bad for my first attempt:)


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ohhh. I thought we were talking about omnibot 2000 like in the thread title. That teaches me not to only read the last page. :/ I don't have those unfortunately.

Yeah those treads will definitely sell because a lot of omnis sold on ebay have worn out treads.
United Kingdom
Hey @troy, yea, my bad. I got delivery of an Omnibot a couple of days ago, so went ahead and made some tires for that aswell, as like you say, they had perished too.
Hey Guys,
I remember one member here posted he would still have some of these parts you, Matt, need.
Maybe youll have to open up another thread and ask about it!
@Troy: if you ever have gears from your Omnibot 2000 arm to pass on, let me know. I got spare gears from Josh already but I am still looking for another few to fix up another arm.
Sure point out which you need. Im packing up my stuff right now for the move. All of the extra stuff is disorganized in a large zip top bag.:)
Well, I could have a use for just any part you wouldnt need anymore pretty much, since I have a few Omnis. Lower arm gears, upper arm gears, whatever you could pass on....
P.S. To prevent this from getting off-topic, just drop me a message: xxx
United Kingdom
Awesome news! I now have an email from Tomy granting me permission to sell my reproduction tires without a problem so long as I make clear they are in no way supported or affiliated by Tomy

Whoop whoop:)
Wow that's good news. Its always good to have it in writing.
It also means you can make as many as you like!
That's great news, so when can I place my order:)
I may replace mine just for the color choices!
United Kingdom
Cheers guys. Thanks, I'm really chuffed. I was almost going to give it up as a bad job as it was going to cost me loads to hire a specialist to look into it, so when I got that email, I was well relieved:)

So far, I've got moulds for Omni 2000, Omni and Omni Jr robots so can do pretty much any of those. Price wise, I'm thinking the following:

Omni Jr = 4 per tire (8 per set)
Omni = 5 per tire (20 per set)
Omni 2000 = 6.50 per tire (26 per set)

All of these I can currently do in Black, Blue, Red or Green (I can get a Yellow too if anyone wants that). I'm working on Grey, but I have to do that by mixing black with white, so need to come up with a reliable way of mixing the colours.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll work out some postage.

I hope I can help bring some life bike to some awesome toys:)
That's the perfect place to advertise. So if someone sells an omni with bad tires they can easily find your produce in the same place.
United Kingdom
Yea, that's what I thought too. If it can earn my enough to pay for my habbit, I'd be happy:)
You could watch every omnibot and robie sr auction and send the winner an email letting him know you have new tires:)
Hey matt, how did you remove the threads off the wheels?
Hi Matt, do you still have these for sale? I'd like a set for my omni bot 2000 and possibly a set for the Robie jr I just got.
@ mike , the treads are rubber so the stretch. Just stretch them a bit and slide it over the edge of the hub. The lip is only a couple mm high.