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Omnibot 2000 Tires

My Omnibot 2000's tires are completely gone, I don't even have any to make a mold of, does any one here have any I could purchase? Or know of where I can replace or buy them? They don't have to be the stock tires, just something that will work and hold on to the wheel. Thanks.


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United Kingdom
Matt Brailsford was making these, there is a topic somewhere however he has become inactive. Try him on Twitter @mattbrailsford and see if he has any left or is still making some etc.
Do you know of some RC wheels or something that could replace the Omnibot wheels?
Hey Clint could you mark the thread resolved / answered? Thanks in advance ! - Josh
Aameralis, Thanks, let me know when you have the wheels ready. I really need new wheels and the rubber fingers for the Omnibot 2000, thank you.
Thanks so much aameralis, by the way I really like how LEXI 3000 is turning out!
Those look great, and stronger than the originals, I really like the blue! Those are the colors I am painting my Omnibot 2000, White and Blue. Thanks!
aameralis, do you have a spare right arm of an Omnibot 2000 I could purchase from you, I need the gears, shoulder, wrist gear, and rubber fingers (I only have three rubber fingers total). If not that's ok, Thanks.
Anything will help. I have both arms, but I want to put gears in the left arm and have it move like the right one. Thank you again, you are the best!
Any news on the printed Omnibot 2000 rubber treads? Ninjaflex should do the trick.
@ Anthony: do your treads have the parts that connect/insert the treads to the wheel (base) inside?
I am thinking about getting a 3D scan of the treads to have them printed. What do you think?
@Anthony I would love to order a set of these printed treads...are they available