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Omnibot 2000 Tires

My Omnibot 2000s tires are completely gone, I dont even have any to make a mold of, does any one here have any I could purchase? Or know of where I can replace or buy them? They dont have to be the stock tires, just something that will work and hold on to the wheel. Thanks.
Solenoid Powered Omnibot Claw

Solenoid Powered Omnibot Claw

I was wondering, the way the Omnibot 2000 claws are set up, it seems a solenoid may be able to make them open with a spring acting to close them. Is this...
Ominbot 2000

Ominbot 2000

Hi, I just bought an old Omnibot 2000. She is not in good shape, one arm is broken. I want to keep her mostly stock, but add sensors, camera, and servos on all the joints to make her have full...

ARC Mapping

How can I use ARC to have my robot make a map of my house and then label different rooms of that map. So if it knew it was in and study and I told it to go to the Den it would go there. Or is this even possible with the ARC software?

Hello All

I just realized I have not yet identified myself to the EZ-Robot Community, I apologize. My name is Clint; I am an I.T. Professional and now an amateur Robotics. I have an Omnibot 2000 that my 9 year old son and I are working on to make it fully functional. I what it to have as much movement and personality I can give it, but aside from the color...

Omnibot 2000 Arm, Wrist, And Claw

I know there are a lot of discussions on the Community about Omnibot Arms. I am just wondering if anyone knows the best servo configuration for the Omnibots Arm, Wrist, and Claw? I would like to stick to as close to stock as possible. I would appreciate any photos or diagrams you all might have. Thank you.

Intel Minnow Mother Board

This board looks like it could revolutionize onboard robotics, it is very powerful and almost as small as the EZ-B, and it is an entire Motherboard! The main thing is it is X86 based so you can run Windows on it. I have posted the link below, let me know what you guys think of this board....
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