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United Kingdom
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Omnibot 2000 Fingers

Hey Guys,

You may have seen my omnibot tires that I make, but here is something else I'm working on:)

User-inserted image

I need to remake the mould as I got way too many air bubbles in (might have a go at making a vacuum chamber) but I know what I need to change to get perfect reproductions.

Coming to an eBay near you soon:)


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Nice job matt , I might take you up on those since you can do cool colors;) good job
@robotdude 44 double bacon cheeseburgers
They look good MATT,about a vacuum chamber i design and made 2 at work ,one is about 6ft by 5ft
other is 3 ft by 3 ft witch custom plates
about how much in sets are they going for
Oh those really look nice!. Even though mine are in fair shape I may be interested in a set of black or blue. Pricing?
United Kingdom
Hey Guys,

They aren't quite ready to sell yet, but once I've got them nailed, I'd probably be looking at £25 for a set of 6.

United Kingdom
@josh make it 50 double bacon cheeseburgers:)
So about $33 plus shipping I think.
Dang US economy.:(
United Kingdom
Yea, I've tried to keep them as low cost as possible, but there is no accounting for currency conversion:(