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Omnibot 2000 Dimensions

Now that pranav(I think that's how it's spelt) has got me inspired by his foam board omnibot build I want to try to take it farther. To do this I need the dimensions/measurements of the original omnibot 2000.


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Theoldrobots.com may already have that. My omnibot 2000 stopped being a oem omnibot a long time ago lol , or I would just measure mine.
I know its 24-26" tall. I'll find a photo and will do scaling.
Scaled it. Got all my measurements. Thanks for the suggestion Josh.
As always anytime Technopro , I'm like Ihop , 24 hour service lol
That last comment almost sounds like your inviting us all for pancakes at your place :D
Ofcourse , hope you like strawberries!
In case anyone wanted to know, here are the scaling results. Can't guarantee that there's no mistakes but most are right.
All measurements are approximate.
User-inserted image

I have messy writing. Sorry if it's hard to read.
@Technopro , you are doing it with great precision... good job fella...
great! every once in a while I come up with the idea of blowing the robot up a bit - I mean, I think about rebuiding it a bit larger than it is....thanks for putting your dimensions online.