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Asked — Edited

Ok Guys, Let Me Have This One.....Please

i just bid on it, ends it 2 days....come on!


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i really just want the head and wheels....
wait for the last 3 seconds then place instant bid... I'm sure you know the last hr the price will rise by a third. I'm not a bidder for wall-e, he's not my kinda bot I want or would like to build so I'm out however I have watched several u-commands get added at the beginning of the week. Always have back-ups to bid on, add to your watch list.
I'm saving my pennies for another EZ-Board - so no bids from me. Good Luck!!!
No Prob, Good Luk bidding!!!

Holy Carp!, look how much this person wants for one!:

RR333 that one can do a bleep more than the u-command and he is a little bit bigger:)
But the price is ridiculous
Great, you just out bid me. :(
I'm really looking for a fully functioning one. That way I can let the kids play with it for a while and once they are bored I can hack it with ezb.
Lj sorry dude, ok there's another I bid on ill post a link....hopefully we can both get em. And guys, thanks for all being soooo cool.
That's ok! ;) I figure unless there is some miracle they will go above what I'm willing to spend. That's why I'm considering scratch building one. I'm just not sure about getting the tracks looking correct. I can make everything else look at least reasonably correct.
again LJ so sorry bro...it was late last night and i bid......like i said i will attack one and let the other go....but i did place bods of 50 on each......damn it , now i feel like a tool...

I come on here and ask for help...not knowing at the same time in dicking someone in the community,


lets really make an effort not to outbid each other....yeah?

communication!!! no more black on black crime.......
No problem. I didn't bid on the other one at all. Like I said, I expect them to go way above what I'm willing to pay. Recent ones have gone for over $80.00 and there was one last weekend that went around $101.00. Too rich for my blood. ;)
cool, i think im going to cap it at 80

arrgggg!!!! a freaking ezb is 100, this is not cool.
Yea 80 is average , I got one for 65 once and felt super lucky.
Be diligent andd look for ones without a remote or seller doesn't think it works so sells for parts.
I bought 2 last fall right before they got to be popular, one without a remote, the other the seller sold as parts. All it needed was batteries! I swapped the best parts and got a working one for the grandson and the other for my EZB, both were around $25... got lucky!