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Well I've been in a very remote location in Santa Fe for a couple weeks and just got Internet and low and behold, changes have taken place! I am really digging the new website it's really evolving, but most interesting is the new office and the live cams. I really like the space and its great to see you excited about it.

So the real question is how the hell do you keep those floors clean? Even if they are epoxy floors, shoes must leave marks?! Lol. And you watch your prints as closely as I do on my machines. I know you had problems with your replicator, but I've spent $30,000 on machines and I still have print disasters. My wife laughs as I run to the garage at 4 am in my underwear and boots to make sure it's printing correctly.

Anyways keep up the great work and congrats on your new space, it must be exciting!


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Dude, that's a mental picture we don't need!..


Who else is happy that he doesn't have a webcam in his garage? :D

Thanks! The floors need a mopping every few days. In the winter, I think we'll need people to take off their shoes! A front door mat might help - but it's a small price to pay for a beautiful work space.

To be frank, I've dreamt of this workspace for a long time... It has taken many years of hard work to bring it to my reality. I'd like to think it's well deserved after the countless long nights that I've put into EZ-Robot. There's some screenshots of me sleeping on the couch, the long nights haven't stopped - and that's okay! Because I love my job :)


DJ you not only created your dream but you made it possible for most of us to create our dream. Since I was a kid and I first saw Robbie and B9 I wanted to build a robot. Not just a remote control one but one that does what the EZ-B does. Thanks for being the Big Daddy of this growing robot family. :)


I remember Robbie and B9 too, but my favorite of all time is the Terminators, then the Cylons. I'd love to build a Terminator, that would be so cool!


@DJ....absolutely deserved, its never work if you love what you do......

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Just to point out in firefox the cams don't refresh, I don't think they do on my phone or tablet either.

If you have noticed in my Jarvis topic I mentioned I "borrowed" the code from that page, I sorted it to fix it.

I'll only show one but all three need updating,

      document.all.item('CamImg1').src = "/Uploads/Office/Camera1.jpg?id" + d.getTime();

should be

      document.all.item("CamImg1").src = "/Uploads/Office/Camera1.jpg?id" + d.getTime();

In case the formatting jumps on it with smilie faces, the ' single quotes around the CamImg1 need changing to " double quotes (or the other way around would also work).

I don't want to step on anyone's toes but since I borrowed it I thought I should at least share it back again :)