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Off Brand Micro Servo Replacement?

Does anyone happen to know of a good off brand micro servo replacement for
EZ-Robot Micro Servo ?

I assumed it might be compatible with 9g servos but I was wrong. The 9gs are too tiny to fit in housing for the micro servo lever for the JD head.


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am happy to donate for a original or one you prefer servo,you did all the work and put your ,
material and time in it.am sure there will be others too.
That's very kind Nomad, but not necessary. I just want to know what an off brand replacement servo replacement would be, make and model.

The standard HD servo was originally MG995 servos, so I assume there was an off brand micro servo originally too.
here the page for 3d printing below is something you can use ?
its an stl from a servo mini.

micro servo
No, I need a real servo. I know about the .stl blank for the servo. I'm looking for a real one.

With some help from someone who pointed me in the right direction, I came across this which seems to have the right dimensions.
i messure micro servo original L 28.8 D 14.3 H 35.9
here the size original.

User-inserted image
I'm aware of the size listed on the product page. I'm also aware of that thread. Neither are very helpful.
you can talk to james ,he can look it up for you.
It may be worth going to a hobby shop and matching it up. The spline is the key. You would need to buy a higher priced one once. The cost of shipping from EZ robots for 1 servo is high, so it may be worth getting it locally. You would then know the info on the spline for the future.
Yup, that's not a bad idea. Good hobby shops that are local are getting harder and harder to find.

I was rather hoping someone from EZ-Robot would say, "oh you can get X servo and stick in there."

But having looked around, the price on EZ-Robot servo is very good. It's just time to get one and additional shipping that is the bummer. Which is why I'd still like another source for them.
Justin, How many do you need? I have a couple of spare EZ-B Claws which use the micro servo.

You can buy me a $45 EZ-B gift card which will allow me to replace them ($19ea) and cover the US shipping of me sending them to you. I plan on making an EZ-B order when the V4 x/2 conversion and USB adapter are released, and I won't need the claws before then.

Ezrobot will not be providing you with information to purchase third party replacement parts. The free forum, bandwidth, app storage, software, mobile app, etc that's free for you to use is paid for by ez-robot product sales. If you wish to find replacements elsewhere, ezrobot will not be able to assist you with that due to conflict of interest. This thread will most likely be deleted.
DJ, I get that. Feel free to delete as you see fit, it won't hurt my feelings. I'm not looking to pull sales away. Having searched and searched for the right servo, the price of the EZ-Robot servo is a good value, it really is. Length of time to get one and shipping costs for one or two servos is the detractor for me personally at this time.
Also - keep in mind that all ez-robot servos are custom designed to work at 7.4v. This includes the smaller servos in question - which have metal gears as well.
We are diligently working on building out our resellers offerings to include more accessories, including the Micro Servos in question. This will help reduce shipping cost and time in the future as you will be able to buy from a reseller much closer than our warehouse in China.
See my post above DJ's. Simple solution for you on the shipping issue (if you only need 2 servos).

(the other) Alan
@thetechguru, that is a kind offer. That did give me the idea to buy some more grippers from Brookstone because they are still 2 for 1. ;)

@DJ, yes indeed, which makes them a good deal.

@Alan, nice to hear from you, I was worried an army of JD's abducted you! lol You guys are always improving and it's awesome to see that! :)
Oh, perfect. I thought Brookstone was out of stock. Yeah, that is the best option right now.

Thanks Justin, I was unaware Brookstone had a 2 for 1 sale. I just ordered 4