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Now I've Gone And Done It.

That's right, all of your gracious time has not been in vein. I should have an ez-robot complete kit by Monday. Just in time to get comfortable enough to have to learn the new features in the soon to be released update. So, exciting!


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That's awesome. I want to get a controller but at this point i'm going to wait for the revolution. From what I've been reading it sounds like there may be a new controller coming. I read somewhere that it is backwards compatible with the current unit. Have fun! Chris
United Kingdom
There's a smaller controller but the V3 will remain compatible from what I gather... No reason to wait:)

Great news dude, make sure you have plenty of everything else you may need too, there's nothing worse than waiting for 4 weeks for servo cables to turn up from China...
I've already started to make a list of extras I'm gonna want. An H-Bridge or two is on that list and an mp3 trigger. I just want to get my version of box bot up to get into playing with the coding.

I owe it to myself to crawl before I walk, for a day or two at least. So it's probably best that I have the Duplo board for my first kit. It's like buying an M16 and never having shot a gun before. Not a real good idea. I've spent plenty of money in the past on things with extra features that were, for me, unnecessary. I'm more than happy to buy a bigger/smaller, better version when I feel the urge to.

I've got a few ideas for just what comes with the kit to keep me occupied for the first week or two. The code I've seen all looks pretty straight forward to me I just can't wait to see it all in action. I could get my kit Saturday but I plan on Monday. I got 2 day delivery (It was only $1.50 more.) I always give a day or two for processing so we shall just have to wait and see.

You'll be sure to hear about it ;-)
United Kingdom
Yeah I was going to crawl before I could walk, I got my kit and started to run:)
or @rich if your me I waited 1 and a half months for servo extensions.

I started running and tripped.
I hope to have the same results ;-) I feel like a kid 3 days before Xmas. The days are going to drag. I'll be looking for excuses to go to bed at like 9pm or something like that. (It's rare for me to turn in before midnight) As you know Rich, I've been researching the ez-system for a couple of weeks now so now that it's all OTW I got a little adrenaline buzz from being so anxious. I want to thank you again for all of your advise and code samples. I hope to one day be as useful to the community as you are.

DJ owes you a commission, because any question I had you were there to offer great advice and it made the purchase easy. Being at school and not working and buying a house I've put myself on a budget and was saving up for one, but was approved for a 0 interest card so the money I was paying on a storage unit that will soon be emptied will go to pay for the ez-b. I'm just lucky enough to be able to get it now and pay it off in a few months. LOL, I made myself sound impoverished. I'm actually not doing too bad. I've got unemployment and my woman makes decent money, I just feel bad about buying myself unnecessary things when I'm bringing in a smaller contribution to the family than I'm used to doing. I already have a fairly expensive Transformers habit the woman puts up with.

And being raised primarily by my great grand parents I was taught at an early age to never spend more than you can realistically pay off in 3 months. "The EZ-Robot Complete kit is so cheap, I'm unemployed and can afford one!" (&reg ; &tm; AH! OH! ROBOTO!, MMXIII used with permission. Just kidding.) @DJ you feel free to use that in your marketing campaigns if you'd like ;-)

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of the ez-robot community better. I've been reading the forums and there are alot of really talented, sharp, and (my personal favorite) out of the box thinkers, that haunt these halls. I hope to help others some day as so many of them have helped me. Now it's all just a matter of passing tick, tick, tick, time.
@Technopro servo extensions. THX you for reminding me I definitely need that.
United Kingdom
As much as I love money, if I was paid to do this I wouldn't enjoy it as much, besides helping others is a reward in itself:) Plus when one of you guys makes that groundbreaking robot I'll be able to say "I helped him get started on that"...