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Not Long Now :-)

:D:D Best email of the year, so far! :D:D

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I just wanted to put people's minds at rest who may still be waiting for their EZ goodies to arrive. My order was for the dev kit, revolution parts, and a few extras. Shouldn't be too long for you now.

Now I'm getting real excited. :)

And a quick thanks to Aislinn and Chrissi at EZ Robot for your help with everything regarding my order.



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thanks for sharing the info.

yes Aislinn and Chrissi at EZ Robot are great!



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My JD (which wasn't ordered very quickly after they announced it) was shipped the other day, currently in Bristol, UK while they process the £21 duty/VAT I had to pay. Should be with me Monday apparently...

So it looks like the back log is being taken care of quickly which is good:)

@Steve, check your phone for texts from DHL or better yet go to their epayments and throw in your waybill number, it'll speed up the delivery if duty/vat is involved (give it a couple of days though, I got the texts to my home phone yesterday)


That's great! One delivery closer to mine! Patience is definitely a virtue.

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@ Rich.

Already done buddy. Thanks for the advice though. Sounds like ours is in the same batch. Last email from DHL stated eta should be next Tuesday (30/9/14).

Steve :P

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:P:P Best email of the year! :P:P

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Got all my goodies this morning. Time to blow the dust off K-9 2.0, and get him fully built and online. He should be done pretty soon now, so keep an eye out on the Project showcase section where I'll put up a few photos, videos, and a little bit of info in around 4 weeks time (hopefully). ;)

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Mines unfortunately been attempted twice both times nobody home (had it redirected to my parents however they tried today while they were out, 15 minutes before they got back). Wish I knew DHL deliver to pick up points too, there is one about a mile from my house so it'll be there tomorrow for me then I get to make JD dance too (despite being really busy right now).

Just out of interest, how much were the duty/tax charges for the developers kit?


nice pic. whats that black round part right below?


Wonderful! Yes, mistress k9 says. J


Got my DHL package today and when I opened it most of my order was there but for some reason I only received the power case portion of the EZB(4) controller without the controller unit. Email sent to EZB-support.

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@Doc... EZ Robot will take care of you... When I got my order both of my cameras were missing... EZ Robot sent them out a week later.... no worries...


congrats robot-doc i to had some missing parts but all is taking care off.

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Yeah, they are the wheels for the continuous rotation servos (although I will be using them for something else).


Bad luck about the missed deliveries. The duty/tax was a lot less than I thought. My full order was for £275 ($448), and I only paid £14. I was expecting to pay 20% (about £55). Hope you get JD tomorrow.

@jdebay. "Affirmative, master!"

@Robot-Doc. I'm sure the EZ Robot guys & gals will help you out pretty quickly. They have been great helping me out with things.



Thanks thread posters. I have absolutely no doubt that the EZB team will fix this issue very quickly. I only posted this info to help others that may have similar issues with their orders. I suspect that the order packers do not know that the EZB controller is actually two parts.


Occasionally there are problems with items not being packed correctly. If anyone else is in this situation, please do use the Contact Us form, and we will get things sorted out ASAP:) And pictures are always very useful. (We got your message, Robot-Doc, and I hope you saw the reply:) )


@Chrissi/Aislinn... EZ Robot needs to pay you guys more.... Thanks for your help in ironing out these teething problems...


@chrissi,:) I most certainly received your very fast email reply. I thank you for your support.