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I have couple question about the kit.

If I have servos HS 645 can I use with EZ robot brain.? If I can than how many can I use up to ?

I am really interesting about using lipo battery? However if I use servo HS 645 than do I have to do any adjustment?

Last question, if I purchase I complete kit , which is include heavy duty servos. Are they same size as HS 645 servos?

Thank you.


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The ez-b has 24 digital ports that you can connect servos to.

The servo you mentioned has an operating voltage of 4.8-6V so your power source into the ez-b would have to be within that range and also supply enough current to power the number of servos you wish to plug in.

If you wish to use a higher voltage power source you will have to regulate the voltage out of the digital ports before connecting a servo.


You can use Hitec 645s with the EZB... however you should only use 6V as the 645s do not like any voltage over 6V...

The servos in the EZ Robot developer's kit are better and stronger than the Hitec HS645s... They also have no issues working with 7.4V lipos


Ummmm lovely. I have 12 HS 645 servos , and the robot platform that I have fit servos HS 645.

Are the EZ servo have the same size with the standar servo? I would love to find out cause I need 24 of them. stress


@Mr.K... Yes, the ez robot servos are basically the same size as the Hitecs... They are standard servos... Check the dimensions of the Hitecs and then compare them to EZ Robot's servos in the store here....

EZ Robot Heavy duty servos... Width 2 cm Length 5.5 cm Height 3.5 cm Weight 0.070 kg


@ Mr K, the servos can be controlled by EZB with excellent results. If you're going to plug directly into ezb v4 the board uses a pass through connection. So whatever voltage is fed to the ezb v4 the servos get. That being said you have a couple options. You can buy a switching step down regulator to lower the voltage BEFORE ezb v4 to 6 volts. Take in mind that 12 645mg servos will average 5 amps constant current draw and I believe your paperwork will say 1 amp per servo at full stall.


These switching regulators are great , one will power yours servos at 1/2 to 2/3 capacity.

two in parallel should cover them through full capacity. They are adjustable and you need to use a multimeter to set the voltage.


Yeahhhhhhhhh . Well look like all road lead to Rome I guess. I really like EzB servo I might just have the whole robot with EZB servos since the total servo require are 25( I will have to cut down on the servo).

Rightnow I am studying EZB programs, should I wait until my EZB brain is here.

A little secret between us. The robot kit I try to build call A - pod. Check it out.:D

User-inserted image


ARC can control up to 5 EZ-B boards at once. Depending on the size of the robot, you could mount 2 boards and have plenty of ports for 25 servos, plus additional ones for digital sensors and devices.

That is a pretty cool looking robot...



Good point to know , thank you Allan. I will put it into consideration for future needs. For now, with some calculation 1EZB brain and 24 servos from EZ will cost me $388 stress eek eek eek eek Any deal ?


Get me if I am wrong.

The purpose for my bot would be autonomous exploring surround erea and processing the information to generate a map. Therefore the EZB program will provide me an environment to monitor the robot and magnet the information right ?



Yes, ARC is quite powerful but at the same time easy to use.... Make sure you buy the camera too.... Then your robot can track colour, objects and even your face.... :)



1EZB brain and 24 servos from EZ will cost me $388

You just missed the Cyber Monday 20% off sale, which would have helped a lot.

The developers kit comes with some servos (although 2 of them are modified 360 rotation, so may not be useful for your project) but also has a ping sensor and camera, so that has some built in savings. Also, the 3 servo arm or the "scorpion" kit has a built in discount. Basically you get the claws for free (although they are micro servos, and the servos you do get have the EZ-Bit plastics and don't have the original servo top, so if trying to fit in an existing chassis, possibly not a good idea).

If you have any existing robot, EZ-B is currently holding a contest for the best holiday themed robot video. The winner gets $200 in EZ-B credit.

Also, answering other member questions gets you $3 in EZ-B credit. A lot of questions can be answered just by being skillful using the search and playing with EZ-B software, which you can learn a lot of before owning an EZ-B.



Wow so many contests. I am so ready!


PS I will upload some of my robot video later;).


Saving for EZ- B complete kit right now.

Do a little study about ARC, love it, however i only could read the manual for now but I already recognize the power of The Scrip.

The other day, i was sharing the goal for the robot. Today I have couple question for the educational goal.

My educational goal in this project is use invert kinematic . if I know the fundamental algorithm for body IK and Leg IK can i use ARC to execute it ?

I realize that invert kinematic to control robot, however can i use it for autonomous movement ?

For Example: if distance in front empty, use IK function to calculate the angle of each legs and execute moving auto balance moving forward ?


If i get the complete kit, it come with rechargeable battery, however if i want to use lipo battery what connection should i purchase ? blush

i am planning to get the complete kit from and order extra servos from the website ? or should i order everything from ?

i am extremely new to the programming field , so hopefully everybody don't mind about my newbie question,


Any servos work with the EZ-B, but the EZ-robot HD servos are the most powerful for the price. The EZ-B comes with the power base (i think), which means any barrel jack connection will work with it. Just unscrew the base and you have a handy dandy little barrel jack-to-EZB power connection, which works from 4.5v all the way to 16v, so basically any battery within that voltage should work fine.

also - mind rewording that inverse kinematic paragraph? I would be glad to try and help but I don't really understand what you're saying :D

I'll just try and guess what you were asking about - yes, the EZ-B can use the sonar sensor included in the Developer's Kit to find it's way around a room on it's own. the Auto Position control can be used to reach a desired position, and then stop at a certain point and continue it's movement. You can read more about the Auto Position controls in the learn section, I believe. I'm not exactly sure about making it so the robot can autonomously detect a surface so that the legs would connect to uneven ground, but I bet it could be done somehow.


Of course the pictures explain it.... It all makes sense now... It tells me right off the bat that I need to go back to school and take a dozen or so courses in advanced calculus just to be able read what you posted....:P:P:P


Lol that what I am taking right now that why this would be a great practice.

I read in the ARC scrip manual, and I do see sin() cos() tan() etc. So if I make a clear flowchart (which include in ARC ) I would be able to use Ex builder to execute the function right ?

For future advance, the EZ camera will work great with IK to produce more nature movement and auto balancing. (I hope);););)


Scientific Math Functions Sin() Cos() Tan()

These are available in the script engine.

United Kingdom

Most math commands are available in EZ-Script. Having only scanned over the topic very quickly I can't say for sure but can be confident that EZ-Script will be able to manage what you want to do. If the math command isn't there it's usually added by DJ pretty quickly after being requested so just ask if you can't find it, if it exists someone will tell you, if not then it's flagged up for a future update.

Also, I noticed you said you can only read the manual. You can install and use ARC without an EZ-B. You could practice with scripts and use variables, Print or Say to output data while waiting for your kit to arrive etc. I write a lot of scripts without being connected to an EZ-B (in fact I write a lot of scripts without ARC in front of me).


I am so glad to here so. I already install the ARC program , however I prefer to read the manual first. Lol. Nurd!

Let talk about the project! As I skim throught the information about about what ARC can do. I am really interested in the feature "track color or movement." In addition to that, it is kind of inverted kinematic relation control the camera servo. Any opinion for this friends?

I post my YouTube channel please check out some of my project.;) subcribe if you are interested. :):):)


As for those servos - I know the rating is 4-6v, however I have successfully used servos with our 7.4v lipos without issues. Now, as a disclaimer I am not telling you to use them. But, the hassle of wiring regulators for each servo may be more trouble than having 1 servo burn out every year.

If you wish to test, I would recommend connecting one of your servos to the ez-b v4 with a 7.4v lipo battery and have it move back and forth with some weight for an entire evening while you sleep. I suspect it will still be fine in the morning:)

All R/C cars, planes, boats, etc... use 7.4v batteries to power their servos - and none use regulators. FYI:)


Thank you DJ. I plan to use all 18 EZB servo to less hassle. Sorry I will try to be clear next time.

And this is my current project with Botboarduino rover with arm.


@Mr.K... You will be very happy with the ez robot servos... they produce much more torque than the Hitec 645s... I assume we are talking about the Hitec 645s? Anyway, I am going to disagree with DJ somewhat... Probably first time ever...:) But I have had problems running hitec 645s with 7.4v... Granted I have had none burn, but they seem to chatter a lot and seem to have some problems holding position with the higher voltage...


@Mr.K.... Nice video... Wait until you get your ezb and use the Auto Position control with your arm... It is so much easier to generate complicated movements with servos....


@Richer R

Thank you for the dimension of the EXB servo, I measeure the aluminum chaissis I already had and they are fit. Yeah.


Now I just have to save save save money, and read the manual.

Hope you folk don't mind all my questions. blush blush


Trust me, I used to ask a lot more than you can ever imagine, and I still ask alot of questions:D


@Mr.K... We're happy to help.... You know, you can still use those Hitecs with the EZB... Use a 6V battery if you are worried.. Just because I have had some trouble with higher voltages (with hitecs) doesn't mean you will... That way you can grab an ezb now for $99 and buy the servos later....

In the meantime you can play with ARC and see how powerful it is....


I understand that you are going to use 18 servos:) Super cool robot!

I was the one who was not clear... I was asking for you to test with one servo with a 7.4v lipo - test with just one. Run one servo as a test with some weight on it over night. That way you can verify the servos will not be damaged with 7.4v for long operational time.

Just test with one servo to make sure it works - that way you decrease the risk of damaging 18 servos. Instead, at worst you only damage one - if the test is negative.

I have faith that the servo will work fine with 7.4v lipo. This is because not many ppl notice but all R/C are 7.4v with standard servos. This includes all R/C planes, cars, boats, etc...


Quad turning. Just saving for EZ B "brain". ;)

Merry Christmas everyone.


Oh! That's a great robot:) It is going to love the ez-b v4! Hope you are getting the camera as well - the camera really gives your robot life:D


Lol DJ you read my mind. I really like the camera function and voice recognition functions already there.

I just have to learn more about ARC. Lol I am little lost now, just because I don't have the EZ Bv4 yet.

And DJ how did you make the robot tracking and following object ?

Please point it out if I get it wrong , but basicly the camera send back the coordinate of the object (right ?, this is just my assumption). And how did you convert it back to the individual servo value ( for example the kneck servo or head servo)?

I hope I phrase my question clear enough.:)


Ah, it's much easier than that... You teach the robot an object, or configure some colors to track. Once you do that, you specify what servos to move, or to move the whole robot, etc..

it'll make sense when you get the robot:)


Yeah I thougt so too. I am so exciting. Thank you DJ. :):D


One quick question, if I choose free shipping opinion then how long it will tak to get to Chandler, Arizona ? :D:D


I think free shipping is based on the amount you buy... I think anything over $200 is free shipping.... As mentioned... Actual shipping time from China is about 3 days or so... However, your order may take a little while to be processed before it ships.... Hard to say how long the processing time of the order will be due to the holidays in all...


Yeah that is what I was considering about is the holiday. Oh well thank for replying tho.:D


@Mr.K... even if your order takes a little while to get to you... I promise you, it's worth the wait....:)


I trusts you. Lol. Can't wait until the day my robot officially not "blind"