Upgrade to ARC Pro

With ARC Pro, your robot is not just a machine; it's your creative partner in the journey of technological exploration.

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I bet this camera is better;)

I'll add a Pixie and a purple dinosaur to my list and race the two at some stage:)


so its an old link then?

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September 2013 is the date on the page.

I wont lie, it looks impressive but it's doing everything we've seen from the EZ-B and EZ Cam. A good comparison of the two side by side wouldn't be a bad thing though.


the ez cam is compact ,the othere seems bigger.

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Yes. However, the Pixy is 50fps where the EZ-Cam is 20fps. Personally speaking, 20fps is good enough for me.

I'm certainly going to look a bit more at the Pixy though although my guess is it is expensive. The "early bird" kickstarter price was $49 (plus $10 shipping) for the cheapest pledge which only got you a Pixy and a cable.


i dont feel the prize is high.would it work whit ez-b4?


To clarify, it won't work directly with the EZb4 board (can't plug in like you can the EZB4 camera), however it may work in ARC...


See DJ's reply about this camera from a previous thread.....