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New Rov Submarine Bluetooth Questions

Well a friend asked if we could eliminate his thick control cable running from his boat to his ROV submarine by using EZ-B. My first thought was all but the two power wires. However this will require that the bluetooth link and camera links be coupled over the 12 volt DC power wires about a 100 feet in water. Any body have any ideas on how to do this? Thanks Neil


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The EZ-B link could be done by Synapse or XBee wireless, although i don't know how underwater signal strength is.

I don't think the EZ-Camera will work that long distance, maybe you'll find another wireless camera that suits your needs.

Good luck:D
What does the ROV look like? Is there enough room for a Mini-ITX or Fit-PC computer to be put inside? If so, then you'd only need to run an ethernet cable:) And you could use POE (power over ethernet) also. That'd be awesome
I dont have a picture of his ROV however here is a link to the website that his ROV is built from. Check out Stinger Rebuilt pages. I think we should beable to package something. Check out this link. Its awesome.
Underwater interferes with signal greatly , switching to wifi and a high gain antenna is ideal. Being underwater you may wanna get a inline 500ma high gain booster . Ebay is your friend:) using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual channel redundancy will be best because of the large amount of interference you need to maintain a good connection. Dual or quad antennas are ideal as that's what is used for a solid connection for spektrum radios in rc. This is.the same approach we take in rc submarines with spektrum radios that have 1 to 2 miles open air range and several feet underwater (results may vary due to contents of water)
@ antguru ,

I would definitely do some research on this before too much $$ investment. There is a reason submarines have to come to the surface, or para-scope depth to get radio communications...Various frequencies are going to behave completely different as well (submarines will string long wire antennas too). 100 feet is a long way for RF propagation in water. I have been doing shipboard radio comms for over 20 years in the US Coast Guard. While my experience is on top of the water...under the water is even more challenging.

Good luck...looking forward to hearing about what you might find.


underwater it will not work or WIFI
only that does is a ultrasonic circuit,this is a international company that made a design
i am looking at making ,since i belong to a ROV club ,and ultrasonics i use alot at work with my designs and company design,few companies do make underwater ultrasonic transducer high power and higher frequency
i did buy awhile back ultrasonic transducer only for $50 each receiver and transmitter
circuit i have ideas for ,and equipment not a problem so many at home
time is the problem,i do have ROV MADE ,so when i have time looking to build the design if works great looking to get a patent for it
sound is mostly the only thing that works underwater

that is what i had on mine POV cable,and there is plenty of room for camera and board,most ROV builders like me use 4" or 6" pvc pipe and long
i do have it apart for a faster motor design put can post photos of it

that stinger site you have a link too it little like mine,have most parts boxed away and recut the front for added stuff like arm grabing tool

you said you need to control it,on POV can only use low current,no problem with 100 feet mine can do that you need like poly batteries or ni-cads but with ni-cads adds weight and you need a low battery circuit to turn on motors to bring it to the surface
Great ideas guys. In my research the xbee is to slow of a data link for this application. I am thinking of using a USB extender (good to 150 feet with cat5 or 6 cable) If I use a dual channel extender, I could use a usb camera and use the other port to interface with EZ-B. Now how do I interface the EZ-B to the USB link without using the bluetooth rf module?
serial to bluetooth adapter i did a post on it
dj another question on bluetooth in general ,i thoght using bluetooth dj made a code to go with but another member said he didnt,so read it on hook to hook it up very simple