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New Plugin Idea. Hud Display Camera Overlay. I.E. Terminator Vision

Per Richard R, he suggested a HUD information display to overlay the EZ Camera video. Something like this:

User-inserted image

Or this for the kids

User-inserted image

Can a png file with an alpha channel be specified in ez script to overlay a EZ-Camera image? If not is that a possibility? Have I missed something?


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I would like this very much...:)


Good idea. Am I correct the only overlay you can do now its text?(right-clicking camera image in control)

The closest you could get is through the mobile interface currently.


Oh yeah! Might be time to try and earn my yellow belt.


Here's a video of the plugin....


Ha. Nice, it always comes back to iron man. Just a matter of time before you invent the EZ battle suit. Imagine the sweet sound of all those servos...

Just checked out the augmented plugin. Looks like everything is there to proceed. Just a matter of some gdi+ and infographic controls.

Since I'm just getting started if anyone has any ideas or hud designs just let me know.

Here are a few source images I've got so far:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Whoa - those are some sexy interfaces!

United Kingdom

I kinda borrowed the rainmeter graphics when I made my overlays.

User-inserted image


A little off topic. Anyone have a dalek eyestalk overlay ?XD