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New Movement Panel For Roomba And Create Robot Platforms?


Just wondering if you have come up with a new Movement Panel for the Roomba and Create Robot Platforms? Quite some time ago you mentioned you were working on it and just checking if you still plan to do this? Thanks Much....Rick


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I would also like a Movement Panel for Roomba Create. I have one and would like to ezb it.
Thanks DJ. I am thrilled. I did not know this Movement Panel would work with Create ll. I will add it and get to work.
The existing Movement Panel has some intermittent communications issues when used with the Create 2. This is not to say it doesn't work with all Create 2's. I found intermittent issues with digital pins 0 and 1 when used as comm ports for Create 2. I tried an experiment communicating with Create 2 using an ezb uart port with no intermittent operation. I was hoping DJ would add the UART port as an option in a addition to the current comm ports (digital ports 0 and 1). I too love the roomba Movement Panel other than the comm port issues. Hope DJ could add the UART port as an option so the panel would work with both Roomba and Create 2 platforms reliably.