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New Front Page

Hey guys check out the new Front page of the website! Our team has been working hard to give it a new look:)


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Nice ! Almost 3D like as you scroll down the page.
United Kingdom
Looks good:)

however I rarely see the front page, my bookmark is set for the forum
I worked hard on that.... thanks guys:)

Not perfect yet but there will be a time for fixes and tweaks!
I like it. I found myself scrolling up and down at the bottom. Great eye catching effect.
@d.cochran I did that too....a little too much, started to get sea sick *sick*
@chrissi That's amazing! Maybe I don't surf the net enough but I've never seen anything quite like it. Incredible animation effect. Can I ask how you/what you used as far as coding or whatever, to do that? Or would that be cutting into your bread and butter a little too much?
@Antron007, the library used for the scroll effects is skrollr and it's pretty easy to use:) It's a combination of CSS and Javascript, and the library implements the interface through HTML5 data attributes.

Just a couple things to keep in mind, you need to force 3D acceleration (add a Z transform) and disable the animations on mobile devices (they don't have enough power). And use only properties that are easy on the renderer... translate, opacity, rotate, etc... animating positions directly, margins, etc, is not recommended. If you stick with the easy properties you'll be good. As described by Paul Irish in this video, if you want to learn more:

It's a bit technical:) So most people won't be interested. Lol. But if you really want to learn more, Paul Irish is great.
Yay! Chrissi totally nailed the front page. :):)
Thanks for all the info. I don't do much web design lately but that's something I wouldn't mind being a little familiar with that snazzy trick. Great work once again.