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Resolved Resolved by CochranRobotics!

New Ezbv Dont Connect

i got my new ezbv but it dont stay connect only a few sec,
then goes lid red


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i use a new project.i have to ad the ezbv4 on the ENginius page.

dont understand why my password is not accseseble.
i gess i am not regitered.whits i did now.hopes it works.

thanks all for the help.

i try bolt none works.i saw message its blokked
i spook to the people from engenius but they are more stupid then ,
a dog whithout head.
only them can block me.
what can i do?

User-inserted image
Can't you reset the EnGenius back to factory settings and start all over again?...

This time write down your login and password and put it on the fridge....:D

there are no settings,only after you login.
for some reason its blocked

iff you mean resetting the Engenius.am not touching that.
Google it, there must be a way to reset it... Perhaps you should wait for David to help you with this again.....
I am not able to connect at this time. I can get in touch with you tonight. I have more pressing matters that I am attending to at this time.

You can reset to factory settings by holding down the button on the top of the engenius for 10 seconds but, you will then have to setup your network again.

i ask them to send reset mail,they anwser no need for register.
i always use google.
i didn make an error.they blocked me.i never bin on that page.

how do i get on that page?
@Nomad... I have no idea what your are talking about but did you reset the EnGenius by pressing the button like David said? Perhaps you should wait until David can talk you through this...

yes my avening is ruin anyway
yes i did 10 sec as he said.
anyway i have to blow off steam.

@Nomad you have to stop doing these kind of things.... Eventually no one will want to help you... You have to learn this stuff yourself and be very careful when you do things... We have a saying in English... measure twice and cut once... It means always check again before doing something so you minimize the chance of making a mistake...

If you're letting off steam... don't throw JD, he won't be happy after that...:P

these things i dont learn.i cant explain why but it is so.
i would understand iff no ones is able to help me,no matter the reason.
one thing for sure there are to many changes for me to handle.
so its the web page from ENgenius for sure.
maybe i need to go back to lego.

thanks avery one
ahhh who am I kidding... we'll always help you....:)
The site to posted is for engenius website. That's not your router.

I can remember your routers ip address off the top of my head, but it will be 192.168.1.something.

To configure your router, you will need to connect to your routers Web page so it would be something like

I am with my wife who is very sick right now. I can't help you immediately and if you have reset your router, you have taken this from a 5 minute fix to a hour or more fix. Your situation is aggravated by having some smart but difficult neighbors who love to hack your wifi signal.

I will try my best to get in touch with you tonight. My time is very limited with a sick wife and daughter who is having some issues, my normal job, my side job in which I am in the middle of recovering 12 TB of data and me just trying to keep my head above water. If I can't contact you tonight, I will at my earliest possible time. This not being a weekend makes it more difficult.

dont worry .i got plenty off time.
take care miss cohran.

thank you again for learning me these settings.
@Nomad... Now go write down your user name and password and put it on your fridge or your forehead....:P